Tuesday, November 5, 2013

FRIENDS FOREVER : Re-united After 7-Years.

Re-United with my Friend/Classmate/Barkada/Sister Janice Piano.

Janice and I were schoolmate in Damulaan National High School Albuera, Leyte .I don’t know how we started getting close back then, but all I know is that we’re friends and we get along so well. We were on our senior year; I was from A and she’s from C section. We have different class schedules but we managed to be together all the time. We cut classes together, the out of town trips, waterfall hiking, and our drinking sessions in and outside of the campus. Remembering those younger carefree years of high-school life, how time flies. She is now happily married and I’m happily enjoying my single life.

Janice and I after our ROTC graduation. 

with Jovely Bertos, Myself, Zeres Labandria, my barkada's Alejandro Pacate Jr., Madelyn Lumba, Janice Piano, Maricel Pantino and Carmila Cerdon. Higschool Field Trip in Biliran Island

7 years ago Janice visited me on my place in Tondo, and then we lost contact after that. I’ve search Facebook hoping to find her, but unfortunately shes not into that stuff, a non-techie individual exist on this universe. I’m glad I’m Facebook friends with her cousins. I asked Marj Piano her cousin, if by any chance she had contact with her, then she said nothing, its has been awhile since Janice contact her relatives.

I told her that if by any chance Janice would contact them, she would please let me know because I really wanted this girl. Then few months ago Janice and her husband went home to Leyte to visit her family. And that's how got reconnected again...

I got her number from her cousin Marj and from then on we started communicating, exchanging text messages and calls.

October 29, 2013 Re-united after 7 years :) 

A week ago I came to visit her in Olongapo, where she is now based together with her husband. She is still the Janice Piano I’ve known since highschool, nothing’s changed. Funny, genuine person inside and out, and business minded. She now managed her on small business in Gapo I am so proud and happy how her life turned out to be. I stayed there for 3 days and she took me around the City, it was my first time to land my foot on Olongapo. 

On my first night she took me to Subic Fiesta Carnival , together with her best buddy Endong.
Subic Fiesta Carnical 

with Janice Piano, new found friend Endong, and me

Endong and I get along so well too he is too funny (his gay btw). I just loved how he cracked me up to the max!. His so natural on making people laugh. My new found friend Indong is an Amerasian his father is a black american and his mother is a native Aetas in Zambales.

with Endong

On my second day Janice and her Hubby took me to the Beach…Ohh yeah I love beach!!!... We went to Arizona Beach Resort, Subic Bay,and stayed there the whole day. My friend Janice is residing at Iram Resettlement area (main community) - Olongapo City. Going to the beach would take us an honor or so, then 20 minutes from the Town City of Olongapo. 

Since we both don't know how to swim "gaantos ming bitbit sa salbadida"
Arizona Beach Resort, Subic Bay

Friends forever

The most interesting, scary yet funny experience I had in Gapo, was when my friend Janice took me to the rally for their local officials. I have no idea what the hell is going on that day Ha!ha! It was so hot, reallyhot! and were walking for hours…long walks from Iram to Calapati and we were hungry. On the road there are many military and policeman. I was complaining yet I must admit I enjoyed it as well. We were shouting “Makabayan” then burst out laughing; we were covering our faces because there are local medias in the rally. I’m glad the rally ended well, and I hope the local official can regain their justice from the last Brgy. Election. 

On my last night on Gapo, Janice and her husband took me to the City for a night out. We went to Pier One Bar & Grill and Janice and I were strolling around The Lighthouse Marina Resort, Subic Bay for some girlie bonding moment. 

I'm looking forward on going back to Olongapo soon! It really makes me thankful for the friends I have, and I'm especially thankful for my true friends. Friends are priceless. Its the family we choose :)

Tine :)

"True friendship isn't being inseparable, it's being separated, and nothing changes."

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