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April 15, 2014 
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April 16, 2014


  • It is advisable to travel no later than 12 midnight so that you can reach the first trip bus bound for Sagada at 6AM. The bus terminal in Baguio that plies the Sagada route is at Dangwa terminal which is about 10 minutes cab from Victory Liner Terminal inform the cab driver that your going to Sagada. Non air-conditioned buses (Lizardo or GL Transit) to Sagada depart daily from 6AM to 1PM. Travel time from Baguio to Sagada could take 6 to 7 hours and fare should be PHP220. Drop off point would be at Sagada Municipal Hall. (NOTE: FARE MIGHT NOT BE ACCURATE NA.) 

12:00 NN SAGADA Municipal Hall 
       Find a place to stay. 

1:00 PM LUNCH 

1:30 PM SAGADA Municipal Tourism for Registration proceed to SAGGAS Office

  • Will asked list of tours and guides (for cheaper cost so we can joint group of tours especially for caving and hiking). 
2:00 PM On-wards schedule tentative to be discuss in Sagada.

Here are the Top things to do and see in Sagada:-) Source: Google

  • Spelunking | Cave connection Sumaging to Lumiang. The entire cave connection could take approximately 5 hours. Every activity in Sagada, a guide is required and this can be booked at the SAGGAS office.
  • Trek to Bomod-ok Falls. 
  • SAGADA Rice Terraces.
  • Sunrise viewing at Kiltepan Viewpoint
  • Trek Pongas Falls. This is the newest attraction in Sagada. 
  • Camping at lake danum or Mt. Ampacao 
  • Walking tour at Sagada town (museum, pottery, weaving, Episcopal Parish, Sagada Weaving) I'm thinking of doing this on our last day in Sagada. 
  • Up close with the burial caves and hanging coffins. 
  • Food porn (Yoghurt House, Lemon Pie House, Log Cabin, Pinikpikan, etc) 
  • Top loading! (Riding on top ng jeep ) I REALLY WANT TO TRY THIS :) 

Unfortunately we weren't able to follow the time in this itinerary because we did not able to ride the 10:00pm Victory Liner bus going to Baguio, because it was peak season and we don't have ticket reservation. Please note that if its peak-season please reserve your ticket in advance. We boarded the 1:00 am bus ride going to Baguio and arrived in Baguio around 6:30 am then head straight to Dangwa terminal werein busses going to Sagada are located. We catch up the 7:48 am bus and arrived in Sagada around 3:30 in the afternoon. We may not follow the time on this itinerary but then this helps us, as guide on what to do in Sagada. :)

Where to stay in Sagada:

  • Residential Lodge - This establishment covers the bases as far as comfort is concerned. The rooms in the basement are quite spacious and at just 200-300 pesos per night, the rates are quite competitive compared the other inns in the area. The team of Visit Sagada can be quite biased when it comes to this verdict (we have stayed here almost 20 times over the past 6 years) but we have never been let down. Location-wise, it’s very close to good restaurants in town and is just a few paces away from the SAGGAS office. Due to the popularity of this place however, it can get quite hard to get a room. The common areas are good places to make new friends and travel companions. You can make reservations by calling Mary Daoas +639196728744. Residential Lodge has rooms that has private toilet and bath as well as rooms that share a communal toilet. For larger groups, you can probably ask for use of the kitchen should you want to cook your own meals instead of eating out. There is also complimentary coffee at the receiving area as well as a wifi service that is very reasonably-priced. 
  • Rock Inn - is about 2 km away from the center of the town and even has its private driveway. This makes the lodge relatively remote – perfect for honeymooners and those who want peace and quiet. In terms of interiors, Rock Inn is possibly the best designed hostel in town. Aside from the great building, Rock Inn also boasts of having an orange orchard that visitors can pick fruits from for a very small fee.
  • George Guest House-George was built roughly along the time that Residential Lodge also came into existence. They have three buildings – one on the main road and two buildings on top of a hill down the road (these buildings are called George Extension). Aside from being a guest house, this establishment also has a small restaurant right next to the front desk. They also deliver to the extension buildings for no extra charge.
  • Kanip-Aw Lodge-One lodge that has been gaining a lot of buzz over the past few years has been Kanip-aw lodge. This establishment enjoys having been built on a great perch that overlooks vast pine forests and rock formations
Residential Lodge and Rock Inn are two of my option on where to stay in Sagada. I know Ms. Mary and Bang of Rock-Inn I spoke to them (via phone) and booked to them many times but due to bad weather I always got my reservation cancelled. Good thing it was a last minute plans with my friends for Holy Week long vacation and we decided to hit it off in Sagada. On our way up to Sagada we meet this lady in the bus and was referring us to Misty Lodge. My friend Bhem talk to her but I told my friend, lets check it out Residential Lodge. (So Bias^^) They are my first choice, been reading good reviews about them and there price are very reasonable especially for backpackers like us. And Rock-inn is my second choice, good reviews and location but a little pricey, so Residential Lodge it is. We are so lucky they had one room left, good for 3 person with 2 beds, with restroom and a heater at Php250.00 per head. PS...I know this might sound weird but in Sagada, they have an ordinance that no wearing of shorts and we dont know why, and we still wear our shorts though (no choice we pack mostly shorts) :)

Hope this itinerary helps you on your trip or plans going to Sagada. Goodluck!

PS. if your going to Sagada please bring your own towel and tissue mostly inns and lodges there don't provide. 

Thank you for reading.

All the best,

Tine :)

Spelunking at Lumiang and Sumaging cave connection. 

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