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After arriving at Residential Lodge late afternoon on April 16, 2014, we took a quick brunch at Yoghurt House, went to SAGGA's to check tours and tour guide rates, but unfortunately we find them so expensive so we went out check out some souvenir shops and from there we meet Kuya Mark, our ever reliable guide for the entire day. After planning the next day activity in Kiltepan and Cave Connection we stroll around Sagada proper and went back to our Inn had dinner and we slept early so we could wake up and catch the famous Kiltepan Sunrise in Sagada. 

Kiltepan Peak is 45mins away from the main town of Sagada by walking and would only took 20 minutes if you have a vehicle.

We  woke up at 4:00 am and I felt nothing but excitement. Finally I will encounter the famous Kiltepan Sunrise. On the peak you can see the sun rising over the opposing mountain to the east and a sea of clouds in between the opposing mountain.

It was really cold... The road is still misty. And you can't barely see anything but fogs everywhere.
Dark and Foggy at Kiltepan Peak

After a few kilometers ride from the town proper we arrive in Kiltepan Peak. There are already few groups in the area waiting for the sunrise. We go straight to the cafeteria and had our morning coffee. It was freaking cold glad there was a bonfire set up in the grounds and so while waiting for the sunrise we went closer to the bonfire to get warmth. 
Mist and Bonfire at Kiltepan Peak

Everyone waited… and waited… and waited for the fog to disappear and the sun to peek from the clouds and say hello to us. A midst the freezing climate we went further down the cliff for a better view of the sun.
Overlooking  Sea of Clouds

Foggy Horizon waiting for the SUN

Unfortunately "NO SUN" came out ... the fog was so thick that the Barangay's and Kiltepan rice terraces below the cliff could hardly be seen. It was supposedly a cinematic sunrise, and luck wasn't on our side that day, but we got to see this beautiful view. 

with our tour guide Kuya Mark you can reach him at +63947-475-2872
my travel buddies Bhem and Edz

I still had fun visiting Kiltepan...its was an icy experience for all of us ha!ha!. Until our next visit to Sagada hope  we  can witness its majestic sunrise.

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Tine :)

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