Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Coco Grove Beach Resort Siquijor Philippines

On our third day in Siquijor we decided to move-in to another place, since we weren't that happy in Villa Marmarine. Upon checking online and locals recommendation for good beach with reasonable price. We decided to check-in Coco Groove Beach Resort, located in San Juan, Siquijor. 

Coco Grove Beach Resort is one of the most up market you can get in Siquijor and one of the largest resorts on the island with 800 meters of white beach surrounded by turquoise water. A 5-hectare property was laid out well, cottages and villas were spread apart. They have native cottages and villas, from standard rooms up to their suite villas with jacuzzi, cottages has its own balcony and cable TV too.

They have 3 swimming pools - 1 being an Olympic size pool, complete with bar, 2 restaurants the Salamandras and Sunset restaurants which offer Filipino, International cuisine and seafood. Every Saturday they have dinner buffet with Coco Grove's famous Folk Dance and Modern Dance show so make sure to treat yourself and enjoy the presentation. The resort also has a dive shop and center, function hall, wifi areas, massage, foot-spa, manicure services and souvenir store. The resort also organizes dive tours, diving courses, other water sports and tours in the island. The resort can also organize your transfer to the pier.

As their site says; Coco Grove Beach Resort offers complete relaxation and rejuvenation, to enjoy and relax in-surroundings of complete nature, from tropical gardens, crystal blue sea to spectacular marine life and unbelievable sunsets all on a long white sandy beach. I can't disagree more. 

Here are some of my pictures in Coco Groove.

Our Cottage, we occupied the first floor.

Our cottage interior inside L: Bathroom. R: Bedroom.

Our Cottage balcony with bamboo towel rack.

Coco Groove's Olympic size pool.

L: Sunset Restaurant located on the west side of Coco Grove Resort that offers Filipino and European cuisine. Named after the setting sun, it is a silent witness to the fiery afternoons of Siquijor. This is were breakfast serve. R: Sunset Restaurant over looking view.

Beach front of Sunset Restaurant.

Coco Groove's Villa.

Late dinnner at Salamandras Restaurant.

Sunset is always sentimental.....

but the sunset at Coco Grove was really excellent and beautiful .

Coco Groove's Saturday dinner buffet with ........

Coco Grove's famous Folk Dance .......

and Modern Dance show to entertain you while dining in.

my favorite Coco Groove spot's....the hammock.......

overlooking this beautiful white beach.

One of the best thing I loved about Coco Groove Beach Resort is that, they have the friendliest/accommodating staff, I have never been to a hotel/resort whose staff gives effort in memorizing the names of all their guests. Yes, you read it right, we were really surprise walking around the resort and every staffs we saw greeted us with our names. They really make us feel so special, with this in-mind I would surely and definitely go back here to spend more quality time with friends, family or just myself.

Thank you for reading my blog, hope this helps you plan on where to stay on your vacation in Siquijor. For more information about Coco Groove's rates and bookings you can check their website at www.cocogroovebeachresort.com


Tine :)

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