Friday, November 7, 2014

Remembering Super Typhoon Yolanda : One Year Anniversary

Today, November 8, 2014 marks a year anniversary of the devastating Super Typhoon Yolanda that hits my beloved province of Leyte. It has been a year now and it seems like yesterday for us Leyteños. Super Typhoon Yolanda would always be a nightmare to the victims and families who experience great loss especially those who loss their love-ones.

debris of Maybog Gym.

I will always be thankful to God for keeping my family in Leyte safe and sound, when super typhoon Yolanda hits on the ground and kill thousands of lives, and ruined billions of infrastructure. Many of those victims are still mourning and on the process of moving on, while most of them are still waiting for help from the government. 
Maybog's road widening.

Two weeks ago I had the to chance to come visit my beloved province in Maybog, Baybay City, Leyte for a 5 days vacation from work. It was so refreshing to see its changes from the devastating Yolanda. I could still remember Yolanda's aftermath when I went home after a week of no contacts with my immediate family. Roads are hardly passable, no electricity, our house is roofless, no signal for telecommunications, no supplies of water and food, survivors are killing each other because of hunger, while some are stealing and taking advantages of the situation. It was describe as the "Dooms Day", the "Darkest Hours" of every Leyteños.

Its nice to see the Mountain in green colors. 

In memory of all victims and survivor I would like you to take a 5 minutes prayer if your reading this, to pray those who have loss a brother, a sister, a mother, a father, friend, neighbors, family, husband, wife, and a child. And also pray to those who survive that may this incident give them light to thanked God, and appreciate and value life even more.

Ending my post with a thankful heart. Thank you to all countries who helped us. Your effort and kindness are greatly appreciated. Mabuhay! 

Tine ♥♥♥

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 Life is unpredictable. On this note I'm a believer of everything happened for a reason. We just have to trust GOD and wait his perfect time to reveal the best thing HE has in store for us. - Tine Cordero


  1. I was the one who contacted the US Navy ship USS Antietam to have supplies flown in to the High School in Caridad. I have photos of the operation. By my contacting Chaplain Lt. Mike Anderson we were able to coordinate having 6000 Lbs (about 2800 kilos) of food and medical supplies. In approximately 2 years from now I will be retiring from my work here in the states and moving to Leyte. I will then offer my many "skills" in helping those who are in need. God bless all of you and hope to see you soon! Albert Krull Massachusetts United States.

    1. Hi Albert Krull! Thank you and to your team. In behalf of my fellow Leytenos we will forever be greatful and thankful to your effort, kindness, help and support during those times.

      Ps. My barrio is next to Caridad. I hope you'll have an amazing stay here in my country.