Monday, March 2, 2015

Reasons Why I Love Wearing My Glasses

It has been a month since I found out that my eyes are suffering from Irregular Astigmatism. It was like I was hit by a bomb when the ophthalmologist was telling me about my astigmatism and i'll be wearing glasses to prevent it from getting worse. I never imagine my life wearing glasses, I cried when I found it out, because I know its a hassle carrying them out of the blue and that society commonly associates wearing glass as being a geek or worst they will start calling me old lady because I have seen women/man wearing glasses that made them look older from what there age are. Whatever! But what really worries me the most is how would wearing glasses affect my fashion style. It's hard for someone who used of having nothing on their eyes on. 

But as the days goes by I'm starting to love my glasses. My new look, my new fashion style and I never know that wearing glasses could be as fun as without having them. My glasses does not only protect my eye sight but it also enhance my appearance. 

I NO LONGER EMBARRASSED of my frames, here are some reasons why I LOVE wearing them now.

One of the reasons why I love wearing my glasses is because it gives me another way to accessorize. And getting the right color, style and size of my frames, it enhance my natural features.So I am wearing these babies with pride! (now).

People take the power of glasses for granted, but the concept is incredible. Like for my case I am seeing clearer eye sight when I started wearing my glasses. I can now read, watch tv and work on my computer without worrying of damaging my eyes.

My glasses give me an entirely new look when I put them on. It does not only make me look intelligent and smart but it make me look young. And having them on makes it easier for me to look like a Korean with a cute head band to match. ha!ha!ha! Aegyo!

My glasses draw attention to my face, people would always look at my face instead of my boobs. LOL :)

Laser eye surgery is another option to cure for a poor eye sight. But laser eye surgery can have several effects and can even result in blindness. Contact lenses can also cause some infections, scratch or irritate my eyes. While glasses don't actually touch my eyes, so there's no chance of it causing physical damages on my eyes. The only pain comes with wearing my glasses is when the first time I had it on. My eyes hurt and headaches occur a little which is pretty normal as per my ophthalmologist said and if headaches persist I am can anytime visit her for check-ups.

How about you? Do you wear glasses? Which method your prefer to wear Contacts or Glasses? How long have you had them?

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