Wednesday, March 18, 2015

See you at Manila Fame!

The 61st Manila Fame just ended, and we are so happy with how our "Space, Nature, and Color Collection" sold like hotcakes and my boss Carissa Cruz Evangelista is the Katha awardee for fashion, thanks to our Victoria clutch from the Space Collection for giving us so much joy and proud. We also had a good time dealing with our beloved clientele and booking foreign orders and inquiries from buyers who came and visit for this year's Manila Fame first kick off.

Best Product Design for Fashion
Product: Victoria Clutch (from Space Collection)
Company: Beatriz Accessories
Designer: Carissa Cruz-Evangelista 
Photo credit to Manila Fame facebook page
Meet Victoria the girl name after-the clutch, that won the Katha Best in Fashion Award.

Bella's angel proud holding our Victoria Clutch.

When you think of Manila Fame, what's the first thing came to mind? Shopping galore? Designs hub? Fashion gala? or simply an event for trade-sourcing, wherein you can source, window shop, and buy for yourself, for your online shop, stores and boutiques?
Greetings from Beatriz Accessories :) Photo credit from Ms. Charina De Villa (Right)

As for me, the first thing would came to mind when I think of Manila Fame is reconnecting with people. At Fame I got to see my chingu's (friends in Korea), especially those who came all the way from the provinces to joined and be part of this event, our co-exhibitors, our manufacturer, our supplier's, our clients, our buyer's and of course my crush! (Oh Em Gee!) Common? I think some of you can relate the later part especially my friends because I know you too has crushes at Fame. Right? Anyway meet my Chingu's.
Ate Judtih Reyes from Jer Shell Crafts.

This is way too cute with my Chingu's! @iamthonymartinez , Leo and ohh there's someone on the back ha!ha! Super cute Adan! @adanteleyesa

your's truly, Rose Antonio, Anthony Martinez and Mylene Orceo.

with Mommy Elizabeth of Batong Asul House of Silver International.

With my fellow bisaya! The Lady behind Yvette's bags and beads collection talented and witty Ate Yvette. 

With Kath's Handicrafts owner Ate Mitchelle Baldemor. 

with Maco Custodio.

And for some Manila Fame is also the place to see and meet your imitator??? They are the one's who copies your design in a cheaper version. I had seen and heard different kinds of sentiments from the designer itself, showing their disappointments and anger over this matter. Sad but true.

And the next thing would came in mind is the sourcing. Sourcing for new interesting materials, artisans and manufacturer to work with. And while at Manila Fame it's impossible not to get inspired with all the designs your naked eyed could see. Kodus! to all amazing and world class Filipino Designer's and artisan from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, show casing the best in Filipino design and craftsmanship in exports, in fashion accessories, home, furniture, Christmas decor and gifts.

Fashion gala and shopping galore would surely be the last thing to came in mind when I think of Manila Fame.

How about you? What's the first thing came to mind when you think of Manila Fame? Do we agree or I miss out something? Share your thoughts and let me know what you think?

Manila Fame is a bi-annual event organized by the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions, the export promotions arm of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in the Philippines. 

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