Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sitio La Presa of Forevermore

Your probably a fan of abs-cbn famous television drama "Forevermore" if your reading this blog or your like any another peeps who are curios of this place and planning to visit the setting of this television series.Well folks sorry to disappoint you but there is no Sitio La Presa exist in the map, but there is Sitio Pungayan, in Tuba Benguet, which is the real life version of the fictional La Presa in Forevermore. I certainly have no idea what La Presa is, because to be honest I don't watch this show. It just happened that my best friend mom Nanay Josie is a big fan of this show, and since we were in Baguio, we decided to stop by and check out this place before heading back to Manila.

La Presa or Sitio Pungayan is located on top of the mountain of Mount Kabuyao in Brgy. Tuba Benguet, not in Baguio. People often mistaken La Presa is in Baguio will its not, it's in Benguet guys. Your entry point going up to the mountain is via Marcos Highway (Ben Palispis Highway) in Baguio City. You can go here by private vehicle, you can rent taxi in Baguio for around Php600-Php1,000.00 (Prices may change without prior notice), or ride a jeepney one in the morning going down the mountain to carry residents down the mountain, and one in the afternoon to bring residents back to their community up Mount Kabuyao.

It was a long curvy ride, much like going up to Sagada, my bestfriend was a bit scared while i'm like its okay bf wait till you go to Sagada and Batad in Banaue those are way worse than this, which is true.

behind me is two big RADAR.

A few hours later we reached the saddle point of Sitio Pungayan, it was noon already and so many people in the area. We were inform that we had to pay entrance fee before going down to the actual shooting scene, but unfortunately we weren't able to pay, because no one asked us, we just go straight to the shooting location.

It was so foggy and very cold, I certainly love the place, I loved it even more than Baguio, as we walk down the hill I saw plantation of lettuce and cabbage. So many souvenir stalls in the area, and photo booths. 

A few minutes walk downhill we saw the famous house of "Agnes" and the pig and the pig house. I was really shocked how people flock this place, there are so many people busy taking pictures some of them even go inside the house, thanks goodness the owner of the house is hospitable and kind enough to let them in. But of course you have to pay for the entrance fee.

After an hour of obligatory shots we decided to head back to manila especially rain starts to pour. I loved its cold weather and that's it, there is nothing special on this place (but then of course if your a Forevermore fan then this would be special). I'm kinda feeling bad how this quite remote place is now being flock by tourist because of this televesion drama. I mean don't get me wrong I'm just being honest here. I would like to go back here, in a quite environment because certainly Sitio Pungayan would be a perfect place to spent time with mother nature and meditate. I hope tourist visiting this place would remain this place clean, because as I was looking around, I'm a bit disappointed with the trashes scattered in the area. Respect mother nature and the place please!!!

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