Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pussy Cat Day!

I'ts been awhile since the last time I posted something for my fashion page, because of my busy schedule at work and sometimes I felt like I don't want to dress up. I've been wearing simple top and jeans for my ootd lately. But today I had the chance to dress up in favor of my friend who is selling clothes online and she needed a part time amateur model (LOL), so I volunteered which she gladly agree. 

She handed me over this top with pussy cat prints, which at first I don't like, its so not me, I said. I'm not an animal lover and I felt like wearing this would not suits with my personality. But then she insisted and convince me that I would look okay with in, so I tried it on. 

It was cute and I like how I look at it when I added some accessories and matched it with my super duper comfy white doll shoes. This cutie kitten prints make the top a standout choice for work or weekend wear! It's irresistibly light and amazingly fun to wear. And you would likely adore its flattering fit.

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