Thursday, June 4, 2015

Day Tour at Profood Cebu's Mango Factory

And who goes home from Cebu without some dried mangoes for pasalubong? The City is very known for its dried mangoes, and I would't miss for the world given the chance to tour their factory. When my boss Carissa told me that were going to a mango factory called Profood, I can't help my excitement. We go there by the help of Ms. Nelia Navarro and Ms. Hop of DTI Cebu. Profood is the biggest and largest food processing company in the Philippines. They process variety of tropical fruits you can find in the Island. From mango, banana, pineapple, coconut, guava, guyabanos,papaya, dalandan (Philippine Orange), passion fruit, calamansi, (Philippines Lemon), jack fruit, mungosteen, tamarind and more. 

Our ride with Ms. Daisy, Ms. Franz, my boss Carissa and me.

I was very blessed, not only did I tour around the factory but also having meet the man behind's Profood's success Mr, Justin Uy and her charming first born Ms. Daisy who is very energetic to guide us and tour us around Profood's vicinity. She showed us the areas where in mangoes are being wash, peeling, slicing and being pack. 

with the Founder of Profood Mr. Justin Uy, my boss Carissa, her friend Ms. Franz, Ms. Daisy, me and Kuya Dodong our tour guide.

It was so amazing to know that Profood is now all over the world from Asia, Europe, Middle East and America, they are indeed every part of the world. And considering that Philippines is among the top 10 mango producing countries of the world (No. 6, contributes 3.5% share of the world’s production) producing an average of about 1 Million MT per year is truly amazing.

Mango peeling area.

Aside from their Cebu factory which is the company's main headquarters and processing plant. They also have a manufacturing site in Davao City wherein they produce aseptic fruit tree and semi-process dried fruits products. And a sites in Bulacan for toll packing sauces. They also established a network of fruit suppliers and buying stations of fresh fruits all over the Philippines.

Profood also open a tourist facility in their compound last February 15, 2012, promoting the Philippine mango through museum exhibits and a factory tour. That aims to bring local and foreign tourist who are curious about the Philippine mango and educate people about Profood International Corporation in general, their history, the products offer, an overview of how these products are made to meet international standards. They would not only answered your questions on how dried mangoes are made and other fruits. But they will also take you to their audio room or mini theater wherein they play a video on how mangoes came from and how it differs from other mango varieties around the globe. 

Audio room.

Profood gallery also have a one-stop pasalubong gift-shoppe showcasing their products and other souvenirs that the Philippines is famous for. The gallery is open from 9:00am to 4:pm Monday-Friday for more information about their factory tour and schedule you can call this number at (63) (32)520-9349 ; (63) (32)346-1228 local 301 they are located at V. Albano Street, Maguikay, Mandaue City or you can check their website at

Profood pasalubog gift-shoppe.

Profood fliers with vicinity map on the back. Your helpful guide to go there.

Profood group of companies also caters to the tourist industry through its luxury resort, Imperial Palace Waterpark which is now J.Park Island as well as J. Centre Mall in Mandaue City.

After our tour Mr. Uy took us for lunch at Tao Yuan, located on the 2nd floor of his mall, the J. Centre Mall in Mandaue City.

TRIVIA: Did you know that this furniture's are made out of Mango Seeds? Yes, they are! Mango seeds were considered product waste. But Pro-Nature (PRO-for Profood, NATURE for NaTurescast) has rescued these mango seeds and turned them into useful products through the addition of modern materials and NaTurescast technology. Isn't it cool? Enhance your personal space with PRO-NATURE and see how yesterday's castaway mango seeds can become today's treasure. 

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