Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sunrise and Sunset at Pacific Cebu Resort

The world is an amazing place, and it looks its best when the sun goes down and the sun goes up. Sunrise and sunset at Pacific Cebu Resort is truly beautiful. During my stay here I would woke up as early as 5:00 am just to see this beautiful bond of colors in the sky. And hope to goes home early from work, so I could see the sunset.

SUNRISE- Pacific Cebu Resort has the best sunrise by far for me. Indeed morning is God way of letting me know how blessed I am for waking up in a brand new day and witnessing the sunrise.

SUNSET - There's nothing like a beautiful sunset to end my busy day in Cebu working.

RAINBOW - A bonus surprise, while I had my best view at the right side which is the sunrise, Rainbow suddenly appear on my left side. Truly the best thing about rainbows is that you see one when you are least expecting it. I had the best morning that day and a perfect view for my morning devotion and prayer.


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