Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Zip Line Experience at the Heart of Cebu

Cebu City, Philippines offers a variety of fun thing activities to do when your visiting in town. And one of which is there famous "Sky Experience Adventure". They offer extreme adventure that would surely drop your jaws. This urban adventure isn't new to me, because way back in 2009 I had the opportunity to try their famous Sky Walk Extreme wherein you will walk around a translucent glass flooring on the outer-rim of Cebu's tallest building at the 37th floor of Crown Regency Hotel & Towers, with an overhead safety harness at the main outer rim of the building, it is approximately 126.55 meters high above the street. I was trembling and having hard time moving my feet. Especially strong wind was blowing it was really scary with so many what "if's" in mind.

The same goes with my "Edge Coaster" experience. It is the world's very first and only amusement ride of its kind, where in you goes around the edge of the 38th floor of the building while riders are being locked onto a rail seat. What really scares me is that, you will be seated in a two-seat platform with a control lever that can tilt the platform down up to 55 degrees that takes you around the edge of the 38th floor of Crown Regency Hotel. Overlooking the spectacular view of the city. It was really scary! Yet I had the best day of my life and I'm able to conquer my fears. And promise myself, never ever to do it again. I'm glad I'm able to experience it once and that's it.

And just a few day's ago I was in Cebu together with my boss for a business trip, and my boss is very eager to experience the fun Sky Experience Adventure has to offer. Even before heading to Cebu, my boss made sure that going there is part of our itinerary. It was around 6:00 pm when we reached at Crown Regency, we head straight to 19th floor of the building wherein the registration counter is located. 

I was surprised to find out that they are now offering another fun urban adventure and that is the Sky Experience Adventure's Tower Zip where it allows you to zipped across to another building on cable line at 473 feet in the air and land on the roof of a different building 250 feet away.

This is how it looks like crossing to another building. Photo grab in google. 

When my boss asked me if I would like to try the Sky Adventure Experience, without hesitation I said yes to Tower Zip since I already tried the other two. Being a adrenaline junkie, I wouldn't missed it for the world. Even if i'm feeling nervous, even if this wouldn't be my first time in zip lines. After changing our outfits to safety suits for the rides we where instructed to head up to the 42nd level of the building. 

I was the first one being called by the operator but end up being the last one to zipped because I was too scared to leave the platform. I was screaming to my heart content and was thinking of backing out. But I was feeling embarrassed to my boss, who zipped silently. It was a little scary at first but once you get the "hang" of it, you'll be fine. You can actually do the Superman or the Spiderman pose if you like. But with our case we can't try those pose because it was at night and the winds current is strong, so better try this ride when the sun is out.

Truly this urban experience will get your knees trembling with fear and excitement, but when you've conquered it, you will be proud of yourselves , knowing that you've overcome what millions of people, fear the most. So better keep this in your itinerary when your visiting Cebu for vacation or work. This heart pumping adventure is located at Crown Regency Hotel and Towers at Fuente Osmeña, the heart of Cebu City in the Philippines.

Ps. after each rides you will be given a certification. For ride rates you can check Sky Experience Adventure website at  www.skyexperienceadventure.com. They also offer wall climbing on top of the building, which I personally didn't try because I find it so lame. Sorry! But you can! Good luck!

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