Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Remembering Mother on Her Death Anniversary

My mother at 18 years old.
Today mark's another year of her death, one of the most painful and saddest day of my life. I know it's been a long time since she left us, and yet, it still feels like yesterday. The pain is still there, and tears will slowly overflow every time I remember that very moment when she left us.

Everyday I am fighting loneliness and longing for her presence especially when things don't go my way, and when there is no one for me to talk to. I felt like dying and sometimes I wish to be with her. I am so glad and thankful that I found God in my life and He make things easier for me to get through everyday.

Me at 6 years old with Mom.
Mother's passing was really unexpected. We had no time to prepare, it was so sudden. We all taught she will be fine and getting better, no one in the room taught she would left us that day. Her sudden death is a shock to me and to my family. We were completely caught off guard. There are no goodbyes, just a lot of regrets. I had my fair share of regrets and a ton of guilt when she left us. It took me few years to find peace with myself after her death and came to realize that her passing isn't my fault nor anyone from my family. But realizing that it's her time to go home and that God needed her and I needed to become the person I am today.

Nanay Oping.
My mother taught me so much in life and even after her death she continued to influence my thinking and behavior towards other people. It is because of the confidence and values that she instilled in me that made who I am today. In dealing her death I realized to value life, appreciate the people around me, and realize how precious every moment is.

My dearest Nanay Oping was truly an incredible woman. And I strive to be like her everyday (which I know I'm far from being one) leaving a legacy that even if she's long gone people would still remember her goodness and kind heart. 

She will always be remembered not because she is good and kind but because she is my Wonder Woman, My Bestfriend and My Super Mom. Her memory lives in my heart and I miss her so much.

Proud to be her mini me.
I love you Nanay. I miss you. Until we meet again...


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Monday, July 6, 2015

Korean Drama Review : Birth of a Beauty 미녀의 탄생


Birth of a Beauty is a romantic comedy about the revenge, love, and success of beautiful woman with the personality of an "ajumma" (older lady/women). It will tell the story of a woman who is transformed after plastic surgery and diets. And the man who made her that way is Han Tae Hee (Joo Sang Wook) a "chaebol" (heir) of a large company. He is suffering from a broken heart syndrome due to a psychological shock. To get the woman he loves back, he completely change an unattractive and overweight ugly duckling ajumma Sa Geum Ran (Ha Jae Sook) into a gorgeous bombshell beautiful Sa Ra (Han Ye Seul ). In the process, Han Tae Hee falls in love with Sa Ra.

When I first saw the trailer of this drama being aired in Philippines local television dubbed in Tagalog, I was thrilled and got so excited. I love watching drama's like this. Wherein the girl is being mistreated in the beginning and in the later part she will eventually take revenge and succeed. Just like Sa Geum Ran's life story, she is a kind-hearted yet  unattractive and overweight ajumma married into a well-to-do family, but her husband the young hot good looking Lee Kang Joon (Jung Gyu Woon ) has spent the past seven years in the United States for his business, and she lives with his mother and sister in laws who treat her badly. Sa Geum Ran learns that her husband has been having an affair with sophisticated broadcast announcer Gyo Chae-Yeon (Wang Ji Hye), and he asks for a divorce. And then her husband lead her into an accident which everybody taught she died. But she isn't, she survive and she ask for help, to a plastic surgeon Han Tae Hee whom she thought was the plastic surgeon of extreme-makeover television show Change, to transform her, and he reluctantly agrees because of his own ulterior motives. It was later revealed that is was Han Tae Hee brother Gyo Ji Hoon (In Gyo Jin) who does the operation and not Han Tae Hee because he isn't a plastic surgeon but a restaurant owner.

On the first episodes I love how she's getting her life normal as the gorgeous bombshell SaRa trying to catch her husband attention who was then engage to Gyo Chae Yun, Han Tae Hee first love. Things went well smoothly, she was able to get her husband attention, and Gyo Chae Yun is getting jealous to the max. And her husband's family loves and adore her as Sa ra. But as SaRa interacts with Kang Joon in their staged run-ins, old feelings resurface, and she decides that instead of destroying him, she now wants her husband back, Which left Han Tae Hee brokenhearted and confuse towards her feeling to SaRa. Because he is now falling for her.

SaRa found out the truth behind her accident and she felt betrayed and disappointed after finding out that it was her husband Kang Joon was the one who tried to kill her. The feelings she felt towards him began to disappear and she later realize that she was also falling in love with Han Tae Han. I was getting goosebumps when SaRa and Han Tae Han become a couple. These duo carried a pleasant blend of chemistry and wit, which one of the thing why I managed to watch it until the very end.

But as the stories continue it all blown out of proportion. The story-line is being swapped due to changes on the relationship chart. Lee Kang Joon was supposed to compete against Han Tae Hee for Sa Geum Ran’s heart but turned out that Han Tae Hee’s surrogate brother Han Min Hyuk (Han Sang Jin) is now the third party leaving the husband out of the love triangle chart. And I hate the following episodes where SaRa broke up with Tae Hee just to find her true self and realize that Han Min Hyuk was playing her. I get it, Sa Geum Ran isn’t a bright woman. But believing Min Hyuk over Tae Hee is nonsense, it takes Geum Ran’s foolishness to a whole new level. It's good to see the drama finished airing its 21 episodes with a happy ending. I really taught this is a whole comedy series from beginning to end, but the show lost so much of its comedic relief to drama. Which lead me to skipping and forwarding other episodes.

Birth of a Beauty is quite similar to 200 Pounds Korean Movie, wherein both the lead actress undergo plastic surgeries and regained their confidence with a new look and took revenge and later on achieve what they want.

This drama might have lead me to a little confusion but I still loved the whole package. And would still recommend to those who enjoyed watching dramas like this. But if you are more on an a critic side then this drama isn't for you because you would totally dislike it and find faults on how the writer wrote this drama.

This drama on the other hand didn't only focus on getting revenge but also gave light that, it's true outer beauty can do a lot for you, but in the end, inner beauty is what got SaRa to have her happy ending. I love that part wherein SaRa answered to her best-friend that plastic surgery is not the answer in gaining your self-confidence and worth in the eye of people and society. Looks may capture the eyes but it's the personality that captures the heart.


Have you been watching Birth of a Beauty? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts! Happy Drama Watching everyone!!

(PS. All picture grabbed from google credits to its owner)

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Korean Drama Review : The Girl Who Sees Smells


The Girl Who Sees Smells is a 2015 South Korean television series adapted from the webtoon of the same title. Starring Park Yoo-chun Korea's multi-talented actor and an Idol heartthrob. If your a fan of Korean Pop JYJ then you must have known this guy and Shin Se-kyung the girl whom I hate in the "When A Man falls in Love" drama which co-star Song Seung-heon.

The Girl Who Sees Smells is a story of Oh Cho-rim/Choi Eun-seol (Shin Se-Kyung) the girl who has a hypersensitive senses. After the accident and loss her memory as a child and started seeing smells as visible colors and shapes, and can even trace where people have been because their lingering scents are like a trail. And a boy named Choi Mu-gak (Park Yoo-chun) who lost his sense of smell and taste and is unable to feel pain after being traumatized by his sister's death. Choi Mu-gak is now stoic, emotionless, and speaks in a monotone. Because of that incident he was force to quit his job as a diver at the aquarium museum to become a police officer, vowing to reopen the case and catch the killer of his sister. And in order to do that he must have to be a detective. 

Which later on the story Oh Cho-rim befriended him because she was then looking for a skit partner for her upcoming audition in the theater play in their struggling theater company called Frog Troupe. Wherein she work as an errand girl and passing the audition is her only shot and getting close to her dream of becoming a comedienne. And she offers to help Choi Mu-Gak with his cases in exchange, they decide to team up. 

The Girl Who Sees Smells is a romantic comedy and mystery drama looking for the serial killer with name code ""Barcode". Wherein the killer killed his victims and leave them carved barcodes into their skins. Choi Eun-seol parents is one of his victims and she is the sole witness of that accident. But because of the accident she lost everything about her memory as a child and could no longer remember what had happened to her parents. She is was now being cared as a daughter of Oh-Jae-Pyo (Jung In-Gi) the detective who was handling her parents cased who is now retired in service.

The drama started to have light when a model Joo Ma-ri (Park Han-Byul) dead, as another victim of the Barcode serial killer. Cho Mu-Gak then joins the investigation headed by Lieutenant Yeom Mi (Yoon Jin-seo), and he hones in on two possible suspects: the model's boyfriend, chef Kwon Jae-hee (Namgung Min) and her doctor Dr. Chun Baek-kyung (Song Jong-ho).

I have been following all dramas casting Park Yoo-Chun; from his debut role as a quiet scholar in (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), a humble businessman in (Miss Ripley), a time-traveled Prince in (Rooftop Prince), an elite agent in (3 Days) and as a cop in (Missing You) which on this drama he played the role as a cop/detective as well. Truly Park Yoo-Chun never fail to amaze me with his acting skills. So if you are a Park Yoo-Chun fan then this drama should be part of your watch list. Because I'm pretty sure his acting would not disappoint you. And if you hate Shin Se-kyung other character's then this drama would surely make you love her, like how I felt. 

The duo showed a good onscreen chemistry. Although there is a suspense and murder cases involved in this drama, I felt like the suspense element wasn't as intense as it should be. Partly because the killer's identity was revealed halfway of the drama and well, it's a romantic comedy, the drooling and giggling makes it less suspense for me. And Oh! don't forget to check-out their OST (Official Sound Track). You would surely loved it too! ;)


Have you been watching The Girl Who Sees Smells? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts! Happy Drama Watching everyone!!

(PS. All picture grab from google credits to its owner)

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Korean Drama Review : Healer

Photo from google.


I'm an avid Korean drama fan and this would be my first time writing a personal review after watching it. I just finish watching Healer last night and I was a little disappointed how the ending turns out. I mean seriously I'm not even sure what happened to Kim Moon-sik the villain as well as to the man they called Elder. Where they even punish? I feel like the drama was cut short.

But anyway my overall review is that I love this drama and would surely recommend to my fellow K-drama fanatico out there. I love Ji Chang Wook as (Seo Jung-hoo/Park Bong-soo/Healer) character his so manly and cute thanks to his image as a mysterious errand guy with the code name Healer. Way too different from his famous character Ta Hwan (Emperor Huizong) in Empress Ki, wherein he acts so stupid. 

Park Min-Young as Chae Young-shin/Oh Ji-an, on the other hand, truely deserve to be called a good actress. She's a versatile actress from a strong willed and quirky internet news reporter in Healer, exceptional skills in martial arts in City Hunter, and multi-talented girl who disguise herself as a boy in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. She's definitely the reason why I watch this drama. Because I know that if its Park Min-young then its definitely a good drama to watch. 

                                                                                                 Photo from google.

Yoo Ji-Tae as Kim Moon-Ho character adds more color to the story. His a famous star reporter and a brother of Kim Moon-Shik an owner of a huge media company. Yoo Ji-Tae character's is tied up from the past wherein he witnessed the bond of friendship and betrayal of both Seo Jung-hoo and Young-shin parents and his older brother Kim Moon-Shik. And the present wherein he did find his best to find Oh Ji-an the younger Young-shin and hired Healer and fight his older brothers cruelty.

                                                              Photo from google.
Adding my favorite character in this drama is Kim-Mi-Kyung as Jo Min-Ja, the genius hacker "ahjumma" (Older Lady/Women). She is Healer partner in crime. She does all the hacking and monitoring while Healer does all the risky task. I certainly love her character and job, super cool. I mean who would not like it if you could do that in real life, right? :D

And the OST (Official Sound Track) for this drama is daebak! Song originally sang my MLTR.

Based on my own judgement Healer is a story evolves in the life of Seo Jung-hoo and Young-shin parents. Their parents were good friends and ran an illegal broadcasting station in the past together with three other friends. As much as I want to tell you WHY but I can't. Because I don't want to ruin you're excitement in watching this drama. So better watch it and find out yourself if you think this drama evolves in their parents life in the past or not. Okay? ;)


Have you been watching Healer? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts! Happy Drama Watching everyone!!

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