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Korean Drama Review : Healer

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I'm an avid Korean drama fan and this would be my first time writing a personal review after watching it. I just finish watching Healer last night and I was a little disappointed how the ending turns out. I mean seriously I'm not even sure what happened to Kim Moon-sik the villain as well as to the man they called Elder. Where they even punish? I feel like the drama was cut short.

But anyway my overall review is that I love this drama and would surely recommend to my fellow K-drama fanatico out there. I love Ji Chang Wook as (Seo Jung-hoo/Park Bong-soo/Healer) character his so manly and cute thanks to his image as a mysterious errand guy with the code name Healer. Way too different from his famous character Ta Hwan (Emperor Huizong) in Empress Ki, wherein he acts so stupid. 

Park Min-Young as Chae Young-shin/Oh Ji-an, on the other hand, truely deserve to be called a good actress. She's a versatile actress from a strong willed and quirky internet news reporter in Healer, exceptional skills in martial arts in City Hunter, and multi-talented girl who disguise herself as a boy in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. She's definitely the reason why I watch this drama. Because I know that if its Park Min-young then its definitely a good drama to watch. 

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Yoo Ji-Tae as Kim Moon-Ho character adds more color to the story. His a famous star reporter and a brother of Kim Moon-Shik an owner of a huge media company. Yoo Ji-Tae character's is tied up from the past wherein he witnessed the bond of friendship and betrayal of both Seo Jung-hoo and Young-shin parents and his older brother Kim Moon-Shik. And the present wherein he did find his best to find Oh Ji-an the younger Young-shin and hired Healer and fight his older brothers cruelty.

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Adding my favorite character in this drama is Kim-Mi-Kyung as Jo Min-Ja, the genius hacker "ahjumma" (Older Lady/Women). She is Healer partner in crime. She does all the hacking and monitoring while Healer does all the risky task. I certainly love her character and job, super cool. I mean who would not like it if you could do that in real life, right? :D

And the OST (Official Sound Track) for this drama is daebak! Song originally sang my MLTR.

Based on my own judgement Healer is a story evolves in the life of Seo Jung-hoo and Young-shin parents. Their parents were good friends and ran an illegal broadcasting station in the past together with three other friends. As much as I want to tell you WHY but I can't. Because I don't want to ruin you're excitement in watching this drama. So better watch it and find out yourself if you think this drama evolves in their parents life in the past or not. Okay? ;)


Have you been watching Healer? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts! Happy Drama Watching everyone!!

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