Friday, September 11, 2015

Cebu Pacific Body Weight Counter Experience

I went to Cebu yesterday for a day business trip meeting with my boss and I just personally experience the #BodyWeightCounter. No joke! I wasn't even surprise when I heard it from our driver that night. He said he won't be able to check-in our belongings because the passenger needs to be weigh in also. We were having late dinner and I'm like...for real? (in my mind). Because technically I wasn't surprise when he told me about it. Because prior that I saw a post from my friends wall about this "thing" it was trending that day by the way. And I thought it was all for fun but turns out it's not. It could be humiliating in the sense that, I am not gifted with perfect body I am not slim nor skinny, I think I am beyond average I considered myself "chubby". But on the other hand I am excited to experience this thing not because it was trending that day but because I think its fun. I mean, its not something we experience everyday and who cares if I'm 100kls or so. But seriously I'm not 100 kilos, I am 60 kls. 

While browsing the comment on that trending picture I was reading some funny comments while the rest chubby peeps like me where worried because of course you know. Some says your going to pay extra amount if your overweight which makes no sense. Because the management does this to know all your weights and your belongings to balance with your aircraft capacity for safety measure. And its FREE, so worry no need no more. It's just that you have to bear and close your eyes if your weight is 100kls or more :) This  procedure is only applicable if your flights designated aircraft is small and a normal ATR (Avions de Transport Regional) flights.

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