Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Old Post Office in Manila

Today while doing some errands and passing by this tiny narrow road in Quaipo Manila along side the Pasig river. I can't help but ask our pedicab driver to pull over at the side of the road. My co-worker who was then seating behind the drivers seat asked me why; I told her I need to have a quick photo-op on that old building. Upon looking to her face I could see that weird look that says, are you kidding me, why of all the place. Will yes I could not blame her, considering that the area is full of shit and dirt plus that stinky smell comes from the Pasig River is so disgusting. But I assured her that its going to be, okay. And that old Manila Post Office at the other end of the river would give us a beautiful snapshots. I don't know why, but I knew that, that building is so beautiful. Which reminds me of the European structure. So without too much time to waste, she took my photo and I took hers. And to my surprise, indeed that building is so stunning! (Of course with a little help of photo editor, but still breathtaking, it looks like a canvas or a painting).

In the midst of dirt and stinky smell this area offers a beautiful view. And who could have taught that? Well i guess only people with the "eye" for photography knows that. lol
What do you think of my picture is it YAY or NAY? Feel free to leave your comments below! :)

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Selca with The Best Art Performer Ever!!! The Painters : HERO

I have no idea who they are, until I surprisingly saw them performed. The Painter's : HERO is an innovative non-verbal performer from Korea.They were one of KTO's (Korean Tourism Organization) invitee performer for there Korea Travel Mart 2015 fair held last October 24-25, 2015 at the Main Activity Center of Glorietta Mall in Makati City.

I was very impressed with how they perform, they are unique! I haven't seen anyone does painting while dancing at the same time. And I must say, there paintings are quite very fascinating. They use different kinds of art materials, from charcoal, paint on water and oil. This group offer a non-verbal performance, fusion of arts and comedy, 3D video projection mapping and fun audience participation wherein by instant they would make you an artist. Truly there shows is very entertaining and worth your money and time.

with the lucky audience.

The Painters HERO is known for as The Best Art Performance Ever!!! They've reached over 1 million audiences, performed in 15 countries and 29 cities. Whats nice also about them is that they allow audience to have selfie's with them after there show. 

Thank you for the experience KTO, until next time then, The Painters HERO.

More Information about The Painters Hero show's please look up to this link :

Official Website:

Here is a bonus video from me with them performing on stage. Unfortunately I didn't came in prepared so I only use my phone to film this and I hope you bear with me for the low quality of this video hehehe. The best part of this video is when they pick-up an audience and ask him to perform with them. It was so funny!!!


Xoxo ~ ♥ Tine

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Hanbok Experience

Certainly every Korean drama lover's out there know's what "Hanbok" is right? And for some who doesn't have any idea well a "Hanbok" is a traditional Korean dress. It is often characterized by vibrant colors and simple lines without pockets. This beautiful dress openly seen on various Korean historical period drama series like Jumong, Jewel in the palace, Moon Embracing the Sun, Empress Ki and more. So it makes no wonder for avid Korean drama fans out there to wish to experience to wore this dress. Like me, I always wish to experience it, and while browsing the internet I found out that, the only way you could try this on is to travel to Korea itself, or rent it at a very high price.

Or if your lucky, Korean Cultural Center and Korean Tourism Organization in your country sometimes held events and they offer and allow locals to experience wearing a Hanbok. And I must say, I am one of those lucky individual who were able to experience it, by accident! Just recently the Korea Tourism Organization here in Manila Philippines, held the "Korea Travel Mart 2015" which from October 24 to 25, 2015 at the main Activity Center in Glorietta Mall in Makati City, the same area wherein we held our Habi Market Fair.

On the first day we accidentally saw the Kpop boy band called NOM. And on the second day the incredible talented Korean performer called The Painters Hero was performing. And while I was there roaming around, I saw some people wearing a Hanbok at the photo booth area. The eager to know me, asked the lady who was wearing Hanbok if where did she get it? Is it for rent and how much? (I was so excited and I don't mind paying the rent just to experience wearing it) And to my surprise she told me it is for FREE!!! Daebak!!!

Without hesitation, I approached the girl in charge of the "FREE HANBOK" experience, I asked her what should I do to avail the free thing, and she said I just have to log in my name and that's it! Awesome! On my head I'm like, is she serious?, like for real this thing are for free?. I'm glad the Hanbok fits me and to my surprise I look slim, than my usual size (hahaha). I thought this dress could look me more big because it has many layers of clothing but its the other way around.

Photo credit to Monsterripic Photo Booth :)

It was such an interesting experience for me to wear the Hanbok. Now I don't have to feel this "I wish I'm wearing it- feeling" every time I'll be watching historic Korean drama because I know now the feeling.

How about you? Did you had the same experience as mine? How does it feel? Let me know and share your experience too by leaving a comment below!

Tine ;)

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Sunday, October 25, 2015


Accessories for the day! Lapiz lazuli ring and Tropical edge cufflets from Beatriz Accessories, wood earrings from Astoleah Jewelry + Pink Lippie = Stack it up Sunday! :)

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Saturday, October 24, 2015


Bling for the night! I choose this accessories to match my casual look from last nights dinner with a friend. Wearing this delicate earrings from Beatriz Accessories latest collection called SPIRAL with semi precious stone. #LOVEGOLD.

What do you think, is it a YAY or NAY?

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Accidental Meet-Up with KPOP IDOL Group NOM ( 엔오엠- No Other Man)

Today, is our second day at the Habi Market Fair in Glorietta 2 Activity Center. It was so quite less people coming in our booth, my co-worker and I were just chatting. And from a far we could hear people screaming, and we were like; what is that??? .. then we continue chatting and thought it was just the music played in our area.

While at the middle of chatting I heard this familiar tempo which I thought It was "Saturday Night" of Eunhyuk and Donghae. I am screaming to my co-worker who is a fellow Kpop fan, I was like B did you hear that???...."What time is it" ♪♪♪♪♪.... (singing the first line of Saturday Night song) and my co-worker gave me that weird look, and I was like its Saturday Night Kpop song!(trying my best for her to understand what i mean tone)....I continued saying Ottoke!!! (어떻게 ` literally means "What to do?" or "How?" but for me its "Oh My God!" which sometimes can be mean that way too in Korea) there is a KPOP show at the main Activity Center of Glorietta. Then I heard our co-exhibitors telling us that indeed there is a KPOP show. So without further adieu we both run hurriedly and check it out. And to our surprise we show NOM performing on stage.

Both of us were a bit skeptical, we were like who are they??? I personally thought they were just ordinary Korean kids performing on the stage. But then I saw some screaming fans with placards. So I asked this Kpop looking girl next to me, if who are they and she said, NOM. Pointing her finger at the big tarp hang on-top of the stage. (I didn't even know those tarps where there hahaha).

Photo credit to my co-worker Rose Antonio. The Trio joyfully waving fans while busy singing autographs for fans on stage.

NOM is consist of five members (as per there Wikipedia profile) K (Kim Hyung-in 김형인), Yohan (Kim Jeong-hwan 정환김), A-in (Kim A-in 김아인), Tyty (Virit Tienwiseth), Yoon (Na Yoon Su 나윤수) unfortunately there were only three members performing today. It was K, A-in and Yohan. They were invited by the Korea Tourism Organization Manila Office (KTO), with the support from the Korean Cultural Center (KCC-Yay!!! my Korean School!!!) and Philippine Kpop Convention, Inc. (PKCI), for "Korea Travel Mart 2015" this event runs today October 24 until tomorrow October 25, 2015 at the main Activity Center in Glorietta, Makati City.

Photo credit to my co-worker Rose Antonio. Did you see it??? This is so cute K is looking at the camera!!!

I had fun watching them, the trio sang all there singles which include Pretty Sister (2013), You It's You (2014), Kidding me (2015) and ONLY U for "NEYB" there fandom name. I personally like "Kidding me and You It's You from their singles. They sing and dance pretty well like any other Kpop group. They also sangs and dance Super Junior's (my bias!) famous hit single Mr. Simple. And they even sang a tagalog song, our famous "Pusong Bato" that was so cute of them, totally Daebak!!! NOM really dominates the Filipino fan with there skills, talents and aegyo. (of course)

Photo credit to my co-worker Rose Antonio. Me seriously standing up trying to keep my composure on stage hahaha.

After performing they were given an hour break before they would start there autograph fan signing. And so my co worker and both came back to our booth and to our surprise we were walking with them, because NOM's dressing room was at the second level of Glorietta 2 and they were headed towards our event area. As a normal fan would do, I asked there manager if we could take a selca with them, but as all we know KPOP fan's they would not allow it but I still tried though, who knows??? Right????

Photo credit to my co-worker Rose Antonio. It's a little blurry though but who cares, It's me and K up-close and we even shake our hand!!!! Daebak!!!!

After a few hours they were now back on stage for the fan sign event. And of course B1 and I would not missed it anything for today. We asked our intern Leina to look out our booth while were away, trying to get up close with NOM and get there autographs. B1 didn't came on stage though, so when it was my turn, I asked the guard on stand by if I am allowed to give them gifts. Yes...I came in prepared hahaha...this is my very first time experience meeting up with Kpop Idols and I want it to be special so some how they would also remember me. (lol) When I was given a head ups that its okay, I gave them a thin cuff from our best seller geometric trendy cuffs. How nice of them to receive it and they were very happy. I told them that those cuffs are hand-made and it matches to what they were wearing and they all laugh. A-in was so kind to wear it and showed it to me. I notice he was also wearing a tiny bracelets made with yarn, so I'm like...Hey!!! it matches with your bracelets and he smiled. I was trying my best to have a selca with them but again organizer where pretty strict. K is now my bias with this group so when I approached K, I shyly ask him for photo op but the organizer where kill-joy!!! I mean seriously how could I not have a selca with him or them when some had. Well anyway, it was alright...K look at me and said sorry and I answered back in Korean "Gwaenchanahyo" (괜찮 아요- means it's alright or it's okay!) and he smiled back at me.

I haven't seen this face so happy and grinning from ear to ear seeing NOM and having their autographs. hahaha

Before I end this post...I wish NOM all the best in all they do. I do wish and hope that someday they will be successful like my bias Super Junior. And when that time come, I hope they remain cool and humble just like how they are now. Fighting!!! 

So you are a fan of NOM too? Whose your bias and what is your favorite song from their singles? Let me know and share your story too by leaving your comment below! 


You can check out NOM singles on there official YouTube channel at NOM Official.

Here is a bonus video from me at today's event with NOM. Unfortunately I didn't came in prepared so I only use my phone to film this and I hope you bear with me for the low quality of this video hehehe. 


Xoxo ~ ♥ Tine

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Thursday, October 15, 2015


My personal favorite! Say hi to these beauty and get them at Adante Leyesa's booth at #manilafame under Manila Wear area. Manila Fame runs from October 15-19, 2015 at the SMX Convention Center Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015


My bling for the day! Striking pattern and vibrant color of cufflet from Beatriz Accessories. It compliments well with my dress. Blues day is today!

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Movie Date Look

Tonight me and my co worker went out to watch "Etiquette for Mistresses" a 2015 Philippine romantic-drama film based on the best-selling novel with the same title by Ms. Julie Yap-Daza we watch it at the Podium Cinema. Being inside the Cinema may major problem is the air-conditioner and I make sure I have my scarf with me, but this time I did a little twist to my outfit of the night. Instead of using the usually scarves or cover-ups, I decided to put in use my Orange Banana Republic Dress Long sleeve that I haven't worn since the day I bought it. When I was looking at the mirror I find it too dull, something is missing and to add a little fun (which by the way my trade mark and personality) I wore my mini jersey dress with prints and use my long sleeve as a cover-up paired with my kicks. It was a perfect Korean look for the night ;)

Long-sleeve dress  from Banana Republic
Jersey mini dress from Korean online shop
Shoes from Otto
Leather Body Bag from Sazaby

with my pretty co-worker.

Goodnight World!!! :)

And ohhh before I close this and head to bed. I must warn you that if your looking for a good movie that is worth your money. Then you better not watch this! And I mean it! Better safe than sorry. But if you insist then yeah go ahead and let me know what you think about it. Okay! ;) Goodnight everybody!

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Korean Drama Review : Legendary Witches ( 전설의 마녀 )


Legendary Witches is a 2014 South Korean television series starring Han Ji-hye,Ha Seok-jin, Go Doo-shim, Oh Hyun-kyung and Ha Yeon-soo. This drama tells the story of four female prisoners named Moon Soo-in (played by actress Han Ji-hye) an orphan lady who marries Ma Do-hyun (played by actor Go Joo-won) an eldest son of a chaebol family who owns a bakery corporation called The Shinhwa Group. Her life was hell while living with Ma Do Hyun families, whom later put her in jail for falsely accusing her for their illegal business practices and stock manipulation that she didn't commit. This is all happen when her husband suddenly died from tragic plane crash. She was sent to Cheongju's Penitentiary for Women, wherein she meet her kind hearted cellmates. Starts with the oldest of them all Shim Bok-nyeo (played by actress Go Doo-shim) who was falsely accused of killing her husband and son. At the cell Shim Bok Nyeo was their mother figure. Then there is the tough-as-nails, foul-mouthed Son Poong-geum (played by actress Oh Hyun-kyung) who was convicted for fraud doings and last but not the least member is Seo Mi Oh (played by actress Ha Yeon-soo) a former model who is falsely charged of attempted murder of her boyfriend, Shinhwa Group's youngest son Ma Do-jin (played by actor Do Sang-woo).

This four women will becomes friends, knows each other secret and form a bond that made them treat each other like a family. While they were in jail, they will join the baking classes being taught by Nam Woo-suk played by actor Do Sang-woo, a hotel chef and a widower who is raising his daughter alone after the death of his wife. Because of his father-in-law's suggestion, (who by the way is the long time pen pal of Shim Bok Nyeo) he became a volunteer at the local prison's vocational training center. And that is where he meet Soo-in and begins to fall for her. After there baking lessons these women suddenly realize that there is life after prison and when they were discharge, they put their baking skills learned in prison to use, and open a small bakery together with the help of their another cell mate Kim Young Ok (played by my favorite Korean actress of all time Kim Soo Mi from marrying the mafia movies). Few days before Kim Young Ok release she won the lottery whom later she finance their bakery business and face its stiff competition with Shinhwa Group Confectioneries.

This drama is worth watching, I love its casting, and the story line, is just perfect and by far this drama made to my number spot of best drama watch as of 2015. My 4 days sleepless was well paid off. Thanks to Kim Young Ok for her funny stints that made this drama even more entertaining. I love how she would suddenly sing the "Gen..gen..I'm a gentleman!" song with matching dance step. And her reaction and sentiments when she was paired with an old Ahjussi who is using a hearing aid and dentures teeth. (That episode was my favorite part I was laughing out very hard.)

Spoiler Alert! Read at your own risk!!!

Moon Soo-in and Nam Woo-suk will eventually end up together even if Soo-in husband was revealed at the end part that he was actually alive, and was in coma for 2 years, but eventually died at because of some complications. And Nam Woo-suk was actually Shim Bok-nyeo son's he was save from the fire by Ma Do-jin mother Cha Aeng-ran who is later become an ally with the Legendary woman. And accepted Seo Mi Oh as her son's wife. While the villain Ma Joo-ran and his father Ma Tae-san will be put in jail for wrong doings.


Have you been watching Legendary Witches? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts! Happy Drama Watching everyone!!

(PS. All picture grabbed from google credits to its owner)

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It's fun Thursday everybody! Adding some colors to my wrist that literary says Saranghae (means I Love You in Korean) with gold stackable bracelets from Beatriz Accessories, while reading Asian Dragon magazine October 2015 edition. Which featured our candy colored gold cuff from Coral Collection.


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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Korean Drama Review : Angry Mom ( 앵그리맘 )


Angry Mom is a 2015 South Korean television series starring Kim Hee-sun, Kim Yoo-jung, and Ji Hyun-woo. I was skeptical when I was reading its plot, I find it unrealistic in this generation for a mother ( Jo Kang Ja played by Kim Hee Seon) to go back to school in disguise as a student just to find out the culprit who harm her daughter Oh Ah Ran (played by Kim Yoo Jeong). And what argue me to watch it, is the fact that the story line is original (correct me if I'm wrong but I haven't seen any similar or related synopsis with this drama). And this drama tackle the very sensitive yet very common case in South Korea which is School Bullying. Jo Kang Ja was force to do this initiative due to lack of trust to the government justice. She felt like no one is listening and interested to help her out.
Jo Kang Ja bff Han Gong Joo. She makes me laugh out loud. Shes the comedy Queen.
She confronted the school management for the matter, the police, and the society in general. And still no one cared. And because of her love she then becomes determined to save her daughter in her own means, and stop the bullies. 
Thanks to her youthful appearance, she managed to enroll in her daughter's elite high school to investigate the bullying happening in school with the help by her best friend Han Gong Joo who acted as her mother. Later on she will be getting help from her freshly hired teacher Park No Ah (Ji Hyun Woo), and her new friends at school.

Jo Kang Ja, Hong Sang Tae and Go Bok Dong (Jo Kang Ja beat this two guys).
As they reveal how deep they will have to dig to uproot the evil and lies the school has keep for a long time. Because beyond bullying, Jo Kang Ja will uncover some deep rooted corruption and dark secrets, running all the way to the higher-ups of Korean society. It takes things a little bit extreme, but I wouldn’t say it’s a depressing or scary drama because there are enough elements of comedy to lighten your mood and some romance which makes you enjoy too, but unfortunately it is not the focus of this drama so don't get your hopes too high okay? So there you go this drama somehow balance their synopsis really well. Which makes this drama so interesting to watch in each episodes! 

Mother and daughter. 

Spoiler Alert! Read at your own risk!!!

Hong Sang Tae and Oh Ah Ran at Sang Tae room one of my fave scene!
Hong Sang-tae played by BARO of idole group B1A4 and Oh Ah Ran will developed a mutual feelings towards each other. And Oh Ah Ran is not Ahn Dong Chil (played by Kim Hee-Won) daughter rather than he is her niece. Gosh, you have no idea how disturb I am during those episodes where Oh Ah Ran tries to ask Ahn Dong Chil if he is her father. I'm like please NO WAY!!!, and I glad he isn't. And oh the saddest part is when Jo Kang Ja husband died due to bad constructions at the school annex where in he was the head engineer of the said construction. He died trying to save Oh Ah Ran. He was such a good guy and his role was a total waste (I think). I wonder why the writer think to have his role end that way. Anyway, to there you go my Spoiler Alert!


Have you been watching Angry Mom? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts! Happy Drama Watching everyone!!

(PS. All picture grabbed from google credits to its owner)

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wednesday Nightout

Last night was been my very first night out for this year. Well technically it wasn't like a party night out of my friends but rather a work night out related. Our boss dragged as along to attend the People Asia's 'Women of Style &Substance' 2015 gala. Our dearest boss Carissa Cruz Evangelista is one of the awardee.The said event was held at The Marriott Grand Ballroom in Resort World Pasay City. It was so nice being with my co-worker that night, because for the longest time we been working together it was our first time attending an event altogether.

Do you know that feeling when out of the blue you saw your bias? Well guy's I just had that feeling when I bump Antoinette Taus that
night. I've been her huge fan since the day I saw her in Anna Karenina. A Philippine famous 1996 TV drama series produced by Viva Television and GMA Network. With the kind of job I have it is kinda normal seeing some  TV personalities and to be honest I don't like to take a snap with them. But TONI is an exception! Not because she's pretty and super nice but because she is my Teen Idol. My super duper bias when I was a teenager. It was so surreal seeing her like that up close! I grow up idolizing her and even if she took a hiatus from Philippine TV to pursue a career abroad. I still follow and stalk her social media account because that's how I love her!

Kaya I wouldn't miss for the world having that kind of opportunity to have a photo op with her. I'm glad she said yes when I asked her to have a selca with me. With a bonus, a minute after I posted our picture on my Instagram account and tagged her, she commented on it. What a total fan mode moment it was! I was so thrilled beyond thrilled. Isn't she a sweetheart? 

I'm so thrilled seeing her kanina with photo opt pa but getting a reply from her is beyond thrilled!!!. What a goodnight indeed!!! Thank you Lord! Goodnight everybody! ^^ ♥♥♥
Posted by Tine Cordero on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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