Saturday, October 24, 2015

Accidental Meet-Up with KPOP IDOL Group NOM ( 엔오엠- No Other Man)

Today, is our second day at the Habi Market Fair in Glorietta 2 Activity Center. It was so quite less people coming in our booth, my co-worker and I were just chatting. And from a far we could hear people screaming, and we were like; what is that??? .. then we continue chatting and thought it was just the music played in our area.

While at the middle of chatting I heard this familiar tempo which I thought It was "Saturday Night" of Eunhyuk and Donghae. I am screaming to my co-worker who is a fellow Kpop fan, I was like B did you hear that???...."What time is it" ♪♪♪♪♪.... (singing the first line of Saturday Night song) and my co-worker gave me that weird look, and I was like its Saturday Night Kpop song!(trying my best for her to understand what i mean tone)....I continued saying Ottoke!!! (어떻게 ` literally means "What to do?" or "How?" but for me its "Oh My God!" which sometimes can be mean that way too in Korea) there is a KPOP show at the main Activity Center of Glorietta. Then I heard our co-exhibitors telling us that indeed there is a KPOP show. So without further adieu we both run hurriedly and check it out. And to our surprise we show NOM performing on stage.

Both of us were a bit skeptical, we were like who are they??? I personally thought they were just ordinary Korean kids performing on the stage. But then I saw some screaming fans with placards. So I asked this Kpop looking girl next to me, if who are they and she said, NOM. Pointing her finger at the big tarp hang on-top of the stage. (I didn't even know those tarps where there hahaha).

Photo credit to my co-worker Rose Antonio. The Trio joyfully waving fans while busy singing autographs for fans on stage.

NOM is consist of five members (as per there Wikipedia profile) K (Kim Hyung-in 김형인), Yohan (Kim Jeong-hwan 정환김), A-in (Kim A-in 김아인), Tyty (Virit Tienwiseth), Yoon (Na Yoon Su 나윤수) unfortunately there were only three members performing today. It was K, A-in and Yohan. They were invited by the Korea Tourism Organization Manila Office (KTO), with the support from the Korean Cultural Center (KCC-Yay!!! my Korean School!!!) and Philippine Kpop Convention, Inc. (PKCI), for "Korea Travel Mart 2015" this event runs today October 24 until tomorrow October 25, 2015 at the main Activity Center in Glorietta, Makati City.

Photo credit to my co-worker Rose Antonio. Did you see it??? This is so cute K is looking at the camera!!!

I had fun watching them, the trio sang all there singles which include Pretty Sister (2013), You It's You (2014), Kidding me (2015) and ONLY U for "NEYB" there fandom name. I personally like "Kidding me and You It's You from their singles. They sing and dance pretty well like any other Kpop group. They also sangs and dance Super Junior's (my bias!) famous hit single Mr. Simple. And they even sang a tagalog song, our famous "Pusong Bato" that was so cute of them, totally Daebak!!! NOM really dominates the Filipino fan with there skills, talents and aegyo. (of course)

Photo credit to my co-worker Rose Antonio. Me seriously standing up trying to keep my composure on stage hahaha.

After performing they were given an hour break before they would start there autograph fan signing. And so my co worker and both came back to our booth and to our surprise we were walking with them, because NOM's dressing room was at the second level of Glorietta 2 and they were headed towards our event area. As a normal fan would do, I asked there manager if we could take a selca with them, but as all we know KPOP fan's they would not allow it but I still tried though, who knows??? Right????

Photo credit to my co-worker Rose Antonio. It's a little blurry though but who cares, It's me and K up-close and we even shake our hand!!!! Daebak!!!!

After a few hours they were now back on stage for the fan sign event. And of course B1 and I would not missed it anything for today. We asked our intern Leina to look out our booth while were away, trying to get up close with NOM and get there autographs. B1 didn't came on stage though, so when it was my turn, I asked the guard on stand by if I am allowed to give them gifts. Yes...I came in prepared hahaha...this is my very first time experience meeting up with Kpop Idols and I want it to be special so some how they would also remember me. (lol) When I was given a head ups that its okay, I gave them a thin cuff from our best seller geometric trendy cuffs. How nice of them to receive it and they were very happy. I told them that those cuffs are hand-made and it matches to what they were wearing and they all laugh. A-in was so kind to wear it and showed it to me. I notice he was also wearing a tiny bracelets made with yarn, so I'm like...Hey!!! it matches with your bracelets and he smiled. I was trying my best to have a selca with them but again organizer where pretty strict. K is now my bias with this group so when I approached K, I shyly ask him for photo op but the organizer where kill-joy!!! I mean seriously how could I not have a selca with him or them when some had. Well anyway, it was alright...K look at me and said sorry and I answered back in Korean "Gwaenchanahyo" (괜찮 아요- means it's alright or it's okay!) and he smiled back at me.

I haven't seen this face so happy and grinning from ear to ear seeing NOM and having their autographs. hahaha

Before I end this post...I wish NOM all the best in all they do. I do wish and hope that someday they will be successful like my bias Super Junior. And when that time come, I hope they remain cool and humble just like how they are now. Fighting!!! 

So you are a fan of NOM too? Whose your bias and what is your favorite song from their singles? Let me know and share your story too by leaving your comment below! 


You can check out NOM singles on there official YouTube channel at NOM Official.

Here is a bonus video from me at today's event with NOM. Unfortunately I didn't came in prepared so I only use my phone to film this and I hope you bear with me for the low quality of this video hehehe. 


Xoxo ~ ♥ Tine

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  1. Not really a fan but I started to like them after the event. They're really good performers and are really nice! Hope they get more exposures on music shows. Btw, I admire K the most . :)

    1. Hi Grace, me too! wish them more exposures in music shows, especially in there country. I really have no idea who they were. and now I'm so hook with there You It's You and Kidding me singles this guys were so awesome and would surely come a long way if given a chance to shine. And yes fellow K bias here! :)