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Korean Drama Review : Legendary Witches ( 전설의 마녀 )


Legendary Witches is a 2014 South Korean television series starring Han Ji-hye,Ha Seok-jin, Go Doo-shim, Oh Hyun-kyung and Ha Yeon-soo. This drama tells the story of four female prisoners named Moon Soo-in (played by actress Han Ji-hye) an orphan lady who marries Ma Do-hyun (played by actor Go Joo-won) an eldest son of a chaebol family who owns a bakery corporation called The Shinhwa Group. Her life was hell while living with Ma Do Hyun families, whom later put her in jail for falsely accusing her for their illegal business practices and stock manipulation that she didn't commit. This is all happen when her husband suddenly died from tragic plane crash. She was sent to Cheongju's Penitentiary for Women, wherein she meet her kind hearted cellmates. Starts with the oldest of them all Shim Bok-nyeo (played by actress Go Doo-shim) who was falsely accused of killing her husband and son. At the cell Shim Bok Nyeo was their mother figure. Then there is the tough-as-nails, foul-mouthed Son Poong-geum (played by actress Oh Hyun-kyung) who was convicted for fraud doings and last but not the least member is Seo Mi Oh (played by actress Ha Yeon-soo) a former model who is falsely charged of attempted murder of her boyfriend, Shinhwa Group's youngest son Ma Do-jin (played by actor Do Sang-woo).

This four women will becomes friends, knows each other secret and form a bond that made them treat each other like a family. While they were in jail, they will join the baking classes being taught by Nam Woo-suk played by actor Do Sang-woo, a hotel chef and a widower who is raising his daughter alone after the death of his wife. Because of his father-in-law's suggestion, (who by the way is the long time pen pal of Shim Bok Nyeo) he became a volunteer at the local prison's vocational training center. And that is where he meet Soo-in and begins to fall for her. After there baking lessons these women suddenly realize that there is life after prison and when they were discharge, they put their baking skills learned in prison to use, and open a small bakery together with the help of their another cell mate Kim Young Ok (played by my favorite Korean actress of all time Kim Soo Mi from marrying the mafia movies). Few days before Kim Young Ok release she won the lottery whom later she finance their bakery business and face its stiff competition with Shinhwa Group Confectioneries.

This drama is worth watching, I love its casting, and the story line, is just perfect and by far this drama made to my number spot of best drama watch as of 2015. My 4 days sleepless was well paid off. Thanks to Kim Young Ok for her funny stints that made this drama even more entertaining. I love how she would suddenly sing the "Gen..gen..I'm a gentleman!" song with matching dance step. And her reaction and sentiments when she was paired with an old Ahjussi who is using a hearing aid and dentures teeth. (That episode was my favorite part I was laughing out very hard.)

Spoiler Alert! Read at your own risk!!!

Moon Soo-in and Nam Woo-suk will eventually end up together even if Soo-in husband was revealed at the end part that he was actually alive, and was in coma for 2 years, but eventually died at because of some complications. And Nam Woo-suk was actually Shim Bok-nyeo son's he was save from the fire by Ma Do-jin mother Cha Aeng-ran who is later become an ally with the Legendary woman. And accepted Seo Mi Oh as her son's wife. While the villain Ma Joo-ran and his father Ma Tae-san will be put in jail for wrong doings.


Have you been watching Legendary Witches? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts! Happy Drama Watching everyone!!

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