Thursday, October 29, 2015

Selca with The Best Art Performer Ever!!! The Painters : HERO

I have no idea who they are, until I surprisingly saw them performed. The Painter's : HERO is an innovative non-verbal performer from Korea.They were one of KTO's (Korean Tourism Organization) invitee performer for there Korea Travel Mart 2015 fair held last October 24-25, 2015 at the Main Activity Center of Glorietta Mall in Makati City.

I was very impressed with how they perform, they are unique! I haven't seen anyone does painting while dancing at the same time. And I must say, there paintings are quite very fascinating. They use different kinds of art materials, from charcoal, paint on water and oil. This group offer a non-verbal performance, fusion of arts and comedy, 3D video projection mapping and fun audience participation wherein by instant they would make you an artist. Truly there shows is very entertaining and worth your money and time.

with the lucky audience.

The Painters HERO is known for as The Best Art Performance Ever!!! They've reached over 1 million audiences, performed in 15 countries and 29 cities. Whats nice also about them is that they allow audience to have selfie's with them after there show. 

Thank you for the experience KTO, until next time then, The Painters HERO.

More Information about The Painters Hero show's please look up to this link :

Official Website:

Here is a bonus video from me with them performing on stage. Unfortunately I didn't came in prepared so I only use my phone to film this and I hope you bear with me for the low quality of this video hehehe. The best part of this video is when they pick-up an audience and ask him to perform with them. It was so funny!!!


Xoxo ~ ♥ Tine

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