Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Hanbok Experience

Certainly every Korean drama lover's out there know's what "Hanbok" is right? And for some who doesn't have any idea well a "Hanbok" is a traditional Korean dress. It is often characterized by vibrant colors and simple lines without pockets. This beautiful dress openly seen on various Korean historical period drama series like Jumong, Jewel in the palace, Moon Embracing the Sun, Empress Ki and more. So it makes no wonder for avid Korean drama fans out there to wish to experience to wore this dress. Like me, I always wish to experience it, and while browsing the internet I found out that, the only way you could try this on is to travel to Korea itself, or rent it at a very high price.

Or if your lucky, Korean Cultural Center and Korean Tourism Organization in your country sometimes held events and they offer and allow locals to experience wearing a Hanbok. And I must say, I am one of those lucky individual who were able to experience it, by accident! Just recently the Korea Tourism Organization here in Manila Philippines, held the "Korea Travel Mart 2015" which from October 24 to 25, 2015 at the main Activity Center in Glorietta Mall in Makati City, the same area wherein we held our Habi Market Fair.

On the first day we accidentally saw the Kpop boy band called NOM. And on the second day the incredible talented Korean performer called The Painters Hero was performing. And while I was there roaming around, I saw some people wearing a Hanbok at the photo booth area. The eager to know me, asked the lady who was wearing Hanbok if where did she get it? Is it for rent and how much? (I was so excited and I don't mind paying the rent just to experience wearing it) And to my surprise she told me it is for FREE!!! Daebak!!!

Without hesitation, I approached the girl in charge of the "FREE HANBOK" experience, I asked her what should I do to avail the free thing, and she said I just have to log in my name and that's it! Awesome! On my head I'm like, is she serious?, like for real this thing are for free?. I'm glad the Hanbok fits me and to my surprise I look slim, than my usual size (hahaha). I thought this dress could look me more big because it has many layers of clothing but its the other way around.

Photo credit to Monsterripic Photo Booth :)

It was such an interesting experience for me to wear the Hanbok. Now I don't have to feel this "I wish I'm wearing it- feeling" every time I'll be watching historic Korean drama because I know now the feeling.

How about you? Did you had the same experience as mine? How does it feel? Let me know and share your experience too by leaving a comment below!

Tine ;)

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