Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Old Post Office in Manila

Today while doing some errands and passing by this tiny narrow road in Quaipo Manila along side the Pasig river. I can't help but ask our pedicab driver to pull over at the side of the road. My co-worker who was then seating behind the drivers seat asked me why; I told her I need to have a quick photo-op on that old building. Upon looking to her face I could see that weird look that says, are you kidding me, why of all the place. Will yes I could not blame her, considering that the area is full of shit and dirt plus that stinky smell comes from the Pasig River is so disgusting. But I assured her that its going to be, okay. And that old Manila Post Office at the other end of the river would give us a beautiful snapshots. I don't know why, but I knew that, that building is so beautiful. Which reminds me of the European structure. So without too much time to waste, she took my photo and I took hers. And to my surprise, indeed that building is so stunning! (Of course with a little help of photo editor, but still breathtaking, it looks like a canvas or a painting).

In the midst of dirt and stinky smell this area offers a beautiful view. And who could have taught that? Well i guess only people with the "eye" for photography knows that. lol
What do you think of my picture is it YAY or NAY? Feel free to leave your comments below! :)

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