Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wednesday Nightout

Last night was been my very first night out for this year. Well technically it wasn't like a party night out of my friends but rather a work night out related. Our boss dragged as along to attend the People Asia's 'Women of Style &Substance' 2015 gala. Our dearest boss Carissa Cruz Evangelista is one of the awardee.The said event was held at The Marriott Grand Ballroom in Resort World Pasay City. It was so nice being with my co-worker that night, because for the longest time we been working together it was our first time attending an event altogether.

Do you know that feeling when out of the blue you saw your bias? Well guy's I just had that feeling when I bump Antoinette Taus that
night. I've been her huge fan since the day I saw her in Anna Karenina. A Philippine famous 1996 TV drama series produced by Viva Television and GMA Network. With the kind of job I have it is kinda normal seeing some  TV personalities and to be honest I don't like to take a snap with them. But TONI is an exception! Not because she's pretty and super nice but because she is my Teen Idol. My super duper bias when I was a teenager. It was so surreal seeing her like that up close! I grow up idolizing her and even if she took a hiatus from Philippine TV to pursue a career abroad. I still follow and stalk her social media account because that's how I love her!

Kaya I wouldn't miss for the world having that kind of opportunity to have a photo op with her. I'm glad she said yes when I asked her to have a selca with me. With a bonus, a minute after I posted our picture on my Instagram account and tagged her, she commented on it. What a total fan mode moment it was! I was so thrilled beyond thrilled. Isn't she a sweetheart? 

I'm so thrilled seeing her kanina with photo opt pa but getting a reply from her is beyond thrilled!!!. What a goodnight indeed!!! Thank you Lord! Goodnight everybody! ^^ ♥♥♥
Posted by Tine Cordero on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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