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Korean Drama Review : Hi! School Love On (Hangul: 하이스쿨: 러브온)

All along I thought I wasn't missing anything when it comes to watching K-dramas, and it turns out that technically I was missing this ONE in particular. Hi School Love on is a 2014 South Korean televesion series with 20 episodes under KSB. I've come to watch this, not because I was inform that this drama is good, but because I don't have anything to watch to I decided to give this a try. At first I find its title a little overrated, because when you I read something about "SCHOOL" the first thing that would ring a bell is about bullying and other school related stuff. And besides I am so immune watching this genre (thanks to Who Are You: School 2015 and Angry Mom). So you can't blame me if  I will let this pass. Plus I don't even know the actors. Not like the former and latter dramas that I've watched, I know them. Don't get me wrong Infinite fans reading this blog, I love infinite but I only know L. (but not anymore now I know Nam Woo-hyun and Lee Sung-yeol ).

When I started watching this drama, I soon fall in love with Lee Seul-bi (played by Kim Sae-ron) who doesn't??? she is sooo cute and very pretty. Her character is an angel who loves watching dramas and dream of becoming a human. Which she later become one but struggles to adjust to her new self. Thanks to Shin Woo-hyun (played by Nam Woo-hyun of Infinite) who makes her life happy in human world. Woo-hyun made Seul-bi's dream becomes reality. When he was trying to save her classmate committing suicide at the building. Woo-hyun suddenly fell off the grid and fall from the building, but Seul-bi was her guardian angel, she looks after Woo-hyun ever since he was young. And since it wasn't Woo-hyun time to die she catch him and when there bodies touch Seul-bi then become human. Waking-up from the accident with nothing to remember except the fact that she is an angel Woo-hyun keep her to his side until she regain her memory.

Sel-bi then experience the things she only saw in TV. She eats, drink, sleep, work and goes to school where Woo-hyun goes. In there she meet Hwang Sung-yeol (played by Lee Sung-yeol of Infinite) a loner, and a smart boy. He is always a top student in there school. Woo-hyun and Sung-yeol were good friends until the latter is falling in love with Seul-bi. Seul-bi and Woo-hyun on the other hand were falling in love with each other. Little by little Woo-hyun finds out Seul-bi's secret and tried his best not to tell her, or else she will vanish once someone will know that she is an angel turned human.

Seul-bi experience all the things a high school students would experience, from meeting new friends, learning a lot of new things, losing love ones (when Woo-hyun's grandmother died) and of course bullying. But whats so amazing with this drama is that it shows a good Camaraderie in every conflicts and issues they have. When Seul-bi was at the perks of dying because her classmates are now being suspicious with her personality. Woo-hyun asked them to keep quite and help save Seul-bi so she could be human for good. They all agrees to do it because they care for her. Even the ones who bully Seul-bi. 

This drama is indeed very good (consider the fact that I wasn't skipping any episodes). If there is one thing I find this drama annoying it is Woo-hyun's mother. At a young age Woo-hyun was abandoned by his parents and grew up under the cares of his grandmother. When his grandmother finds out she had a cancer and will die soon. She immediately contact Woo-hyun's mother who happened to be his ethics teacher and Sung-yeol step mother which later add's more conflicts between the two.

I hate the fact that she ignore's her son, who has been longing for her in the longest time. Her excuses were so lame. And even if it was later revealed that she was Woo-hyun's mom she still tries to ignore Woo-hyun and look after her step-son who treats her badly and hates her so much. How could a mother abandoned her own child? And look after someone else child? Are there really mom's like that exist in real life? It really broke my heart seeing Woo-hyun trying to look okay even if deep inside he is breaking apart. He longs for her and want her to stay at his sides. But he couldn't utter the words because he is afraid that he might be rejected again. 

One of the remarkable thing about this drama are the thoughts that the second lead actors were given a good end story. The bullies became there good friends. And there classmates end-ups with there crushes. The story line was well written and well laid out. They have good actors too, considering some of them are rookies. This is the kind of drama, worth watching for youngsters and young's at heart. So there you have it guy's. Watch it and be amaze :)

aside from Woo-hyun and Seul-bi's tandem this one also is my favorite duo. Kim Joo-ah & Yong Tae-ho. Played by Jung Yoo-min and Baek Seung-heon.


Have you been watching Hi School Love On? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts and leave your comments below! Happy Drama Watching Everyone!!!

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