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Korean Drama Review : Yong-pal (Hangul: 용팔이)

Okay I admit I was a little an attentive with what my bias Korean actor doing lately, until I stumble Yong Pal on the street side where I usually buy my Korean Dramas. I was a little unsure with the title, and when I saw whose leading the drama, I know right and then that it is a good drama. Because without a doubt the lead male actor is Daebak!!! The best and multi-talented actor, I may sound bias but you cant blame me, his good, really good actor. I watch all his drama's from the villain Gu Majun of Baker King, there is Han Pil-hoon the rookie agent who dream of becoming the next James Bond in the 7th Grade Civil Servant, the pro-Japanese Korean police Sato Hiroshi in Bridal Mask, and lets not forget the autistic savant Park Shi-on in Good Doctor (my favorite). And now his latest drama that just ended last October 1, 2015 which top as "the most popular Korean Drama of the year". it was originally slated for 16 episodes, but due to the popularity it was extended by two episodes, ended with a total of eighteen episodes.

Yong-pal (Hangul: 용팔이; RR: Yongpal-ie) is a 2015 South Korean drama series starring my bae, the ever versatile Korean actor Moon Joo-won, my girl crush Kim Tae-hee, Chae Jung-an and Jo Hyun-jae. Joo-won played the role of a very talented surgeon at Hanshin Hospital owned by Tae-hee's family. Aside from being a resident doctor at Hanshin Joo-won is also a moonlight doctor do does surgery to gangster and criminals in order to raise money to pay his little sister’s expensive hospital fees. By doing this act he was then being called Yong-pal. While doing surgery to Doo-chul (played by Korean actor Song Kyung-chul- hahaha I remember this guy from Impress Ki) a gangster president, Yong-pal lost his scalpel which lead Detective Lee and Kim in tracing his whereabouts. It was then revealed to his superior Chief Lee (played by my favorite villain in Korean dramas Jung Woong-in). Yong-pal or Kim Tae-hyun was then became his under dog, doing house calls for their wealthy clients/patients in 12th floor of Hanshin Hospital who's doing criminal and illegal activities. He soon find out the mystery behind the restricted area at the 12th floor, where in there lays Han Yeo-jin (played by Kim Tae Hee) a chaebol heiress placed in a coma by her half-bother Han Do Joon (played by actor Jo Hyun Jae). Their paths cross. He was then assign to look after Yeo-jin. While looking after her, Tae Hyun’s sister takes a turn for the worse. He desperately needs money, for his younger sister surgery and suddenly Yeo-jin woke up from her sleep and offer Tae-hyun the money if he helps her escape. And so he did. And later realize they were falling in love with each other. He did not only help her escape but also getting back her throne as the real owner of Hanshin Group. They got married so that Tae Hyun can be Yeo Jin’s legal guardian instead of Do Joon.

I love watching this drama, except on the last few episodes wherein Yeo-jin is becoming a little bad person, because of her eagerness to seek revenge to people who put her in sleep for 3 years. In-spite the fact that Tae-hyun is asking her to forget everything and start anew. She still don't listen which lead a little rift between the two. Tae Hyun then decides it is time to leave, because he know he doesn't belong to Yeo Jin's world. And even if he convince Yeo Jin to step down and go with him the latter rejects his offer.

Spoiler Alert! Read at your own risk!!!

  • Do-Joon died by the hands of Yeo-jins dead fiancee's father because it was him who manipulated Yeo-jin and his ex-fiance's car accident. 
  • Kim Tae Hyun is now living a quiet life as a doctor in a small village with his sister who is now recovered from her illness. 
  • Yeo-jin is now willing to let go of her throne and go back to Tae Hyun's arm.
  • Chae Young (played by Chae Jung An) is out for revenge for the death of her husband. It was then too late for her to realize that she is in love with her husband. And because of Do Joon death she orchestrated a plot to take over the company by slowly poisoning Yeo Jin. In result Yeo-Jin has a liver cancer, her condition quickly deteriorates. She was rushed to the hospital but no doctors would dare to operates her, because her condition is no good. Even Chief Lee can't save her for the second time around. Chief Lee was the one who save Yeo jin after her car accident at the surgery room. But and the last minute Cynthia came back to Korea and brought someone to save Yeo Jin's life. Her business partner called “Yong Pal”. Yeo Jin’s surgery is successful, and when she awakens, Tae Hyun asks, “Do you know who I am?” And she answers, “Yong Pal.” -THE END.
I was a little disappointed on how the drama ends, because I felt like it was cut short, even if it has been extended already. But overall, Yong Pal was a good drama to watch. The story is compelling with a great pace. Another good drama to add for Moon Joo Won's fan archive.


Have you been watching Yong Pal? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts! Happy Drama Watching everyone!!!

(PS. All picture grabbed from google credits to its owner)

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