Tuesday, December 22, 2015

5 Things ruined my Christmas Spirit

It's that time of year again. Christmas has come and with the all the joys of it, almost everyone that I know of were very busy preparing their Christmas parties, shopping for gifts, holiday breaks, while others are finalizing plans to see their families over the festive period. Indeed Christmas is the most celebrated month of the year. But......this is the first year ever that I just can't get that Christmas feeling! 

Here are my five reason why I can't get that Christmas feeling.

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining with my job. I am thankful I have job that support me with my Christmas buying spree for my family, friends and god-children. It's just that this is the very first Christmas wherein we are very busy and rushing so many things before 2015 ends. It's suffocating! doing our best to meet all deadlines with a very short period of time with trial and error.

My friends are my biggest source of joys during Christmas season. We dine out and hangout, to spend time together and catch with each other. But it is not happening this time. Why? Because two of my best friend Kath and Sharon is now married and they will spent Christmas with their family. Of course! While Andrew is super busy like me. Wendy is in the province and Cherry my single bff is out of the country. It could have been fun if she's around.

Doing random things on the streets with my bestie Kath and Drew.

as what Pastor Rick Warren said; "Time is your most precious gift because you only have a set amount of it. You can make more money, but you can't make more time" - Very true indeed! With so many things to be done at work, we are required to come in for two more days to finish it all. My long planned vacation to go home (in our province) was cut off and decided to stay in Manila while waiting this holiday season pass by.
Reunion with my Highschool classmate. Christmas of 2014.

One of my major reason why I am so not in the Christmas spirit at all this year is because I am feeling tired and sick lately. Overwork? I don't know! All I know is that my CHEST is in PAIN for a couple of weeks already. And it took me four days before I had my shower because I was feverish last week. 

BELLA's-Working girls!!!! Indeed! Friends are the cutest lovable idiots in the world ha!ha!ha! 

I'm pretty sure everyone can relate on this one. Who isn't right??? Everyone does spend too much during this season, gift giving, bonuses, party's, etc. Everyone from my family expect something from me. A GIFT! CHRISTMAS GIFT! It has been our tradition for so long. And I don't have anything against with it. With or without a budget, I always made sure I have something to give to my family, friends and god-children. But this year, I am a little careful with my expenses because even if I have my 13 month bonus pay, still not enough! I am saving money for my personal goal for next year and rebuilding our house in the province. I know I have lots to be thankful and grateful for. Like I don’t have the stress of not being able to afford food, my bills or buying gifts. I’m lucky, I know that. But there is just something about this Christmas that feels so wrong for me and ordinary, like any other day of the year!

Travelling with my bff Cherry. 2014.

Have you gotten my point? Is anyone in the festive spirit? If you can relate, even on some level, I’d love for you to comment. It makes me not feel so alone. You know? I’d love to hear how you combat the holiday blues and stress? Any tips?

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Korean Drama Review : Sassy Go Go / Cheer Up! (Hangul: 발칙하게 고고)

Another high school drama has given me reason to giggle and wail in each episodes and this drama goes to "Sassy Go Go” or “Cheer Up!”. A 2015 South Korean television series on KBS, starring Jung Eun-ji, Lee Won-keun, Cha Hak-yeon, Ji-soo and Chae Soo-bin. This drama showed the typical scenario of elite and non-elite students in Korean high school drama. The scenario surrounds between "BAEK HO" club consist's of the school's top ranking students Kim Yeol (Lee Won-geun), Kwon Soo Ah (Chae Soo-bin) and Seo Ha Joon (Ji Soo) and "REAL KING Dance" club! consist's of Kang Yeon Doo (Jung Eun-ji) the leader, Min Hyo-Sik (Kim Min-ho), Park Da-Mi (Kang Min-ah), Kim Kyung-Eun (Park Yoo-na), Joon-Soo (Ooon) and Cha Seung-Woo (Son Beom-jun).

Real King member really don't consider studying us there first priority while in school, instead they spend too much of their time dancing. Which rift disturbance to Baek Ho club and hence, they end up arguing and fighting each other. Unfortunately Real King would always take the blame! Thanks to Baek Ho's financially well off status in the school and society.

  • Jung Eun-ji as Kang Yeon-doo is "Real King's" leader. She placed number 196th out of 200 students in their school. I really loved how Eun-ji played her character Yeon-doo so well. She's more than enough reason for me to keep on watching it till the very end. She made me laugh and cry. I love her character in the drama as she brings a whole level of charisma to it. And she showed us the importance and value of true meaning of friendship.
  • Lee Won-keun as Kim-yeol the arrogant President of "Baek Ho" club and the topnotch student of Sevit High. His wit and cleverness allows him to see through the tactics of the scheming adults around him as he exposes them. His very naughty and always joke around with Yeon-do.
  • Cha Hak-yeon as Ha Dong-jae is Yeon-doo's childhood friend and one of her best friends at Sevit High. He is a talented basketball player but due to a traumatic childhood experience (which involves in hurting Yeon-doo), he developed a physical contact phobia. He was being kicked out of the basketball team and later joined the cheerleading club to look after Yeon-doo.
  • Ji-soo as Seo Ha-joon is Kim Yeol's best friend. He is being abuse by her abusive father who constantly bet him to death, especially when he is unable to meet up this father high expectations. At one time he decided to commit suicide because he can no longer bear this father mistreatment. He is also part of Baek Ho club. Ha Joon has officially taken my heart melt and I am so in love with his character. The tough guy with anger management issue is soft hearted.
  • Chae Soo-bin as Kwon Soo-ah is Yeon-doo's former friend, who is Baek Ho's second top student in Sevit High. Because of her mother's persistent pressure for her to become first place in school so she could get in at Ivy League university. She did everything she could to bet Kim Yeol, even to the point of using her own friend for her own benefits. It was her mothers idea to organize a "Cheerleading" club at Sevit, to add more academic records on her profile in applying for University.


REAL KING and BAEK HO were team as one for the sake of Soo-ah's greedy need for academic points. It was like a mission impossible for them to be together, but as the story progress this two ununited group become united and one. They learned to accept each others flaws and talents. Although Soo-ah was still a bitch but the other member of the club learned to understands her, especially the main cast. Through this club Yeon-doo and Kim Yoel develop and nurture their feelings towards each other. Ha-joon on the other hand became close to Yeon-doo and realize he was falling in love with his best friend, girl friend. 

Spoiler Alert! Read at your own risk!!!

  • Kang Yeon-doo Mother and Kim Yeol's father were lovers and plans to get married.
  • Kwon Soo-ah stole his teacher USB and cheat during the exam and put Kim Yeol to blame in stealing the USB. She also manipulate her classmates to set-up teacher Yang Tae-bum (Kim Ji-seok) for harassment. Because of her jealousy towards Yeon-doo and teacher Tae-bum closeness.
  • Kim Yeol is the person who gives Soo-ah warnings through sticky notes, to confess her crimes.
  • Teacher Tae-bum is the one who reports the anomaly surrounding Sevit High.

Some of my Favorite Highlights in no particular order :)

  • When Kim Yeol and Yeon-doo were under the blanket and they are super close (as in super close!!!). And Kim Yeol's No. 3 choices to Yeon-doo is way too cute and funny.
  • Kim Yeol and Yeon-doo were dancing at the supermarket were really cute.

  • During camping when both BAEK HO club and REAL KING club members play a game to get to know each other and Kim yeol stares at Yeon-doo while talking about the girl he wants to kiss. Yay! giggling overload!
  • I liked how Coach Nam (Lee Mi-Do) took the initiative to help the students to get back to the dorm without being caught by the principal and teacher Im Soo-Yong (In Gyo-Jin) who was outside school premises. It was so refreshing and funny seeing Coach Nam tries her best to showed to them her new cheer-leading steps and routines. What so amazing about Coach Nam is she did not only teach them physical strength but make them understand the values about real cheer leading, which is team work and unity as a group.
  • Teacher Tae-bum took up the responsibility of committing a crime he didn’t commit for the sake of his student was really touching and admirable which made it to my personal favorite highlights for this drama.
  • When Soo-ah was trying to commit suicide, Dong-jae save her by grabbing his hand, and from that moment on his physical contact phobia was cured.
  • Sevit cheerleading club first school performance also made in the this list, because after their show, they told everyone that Teacher Tae-bum is innocent and did not do any harassment towards his students.
  • That episodes when the cheerleading team convince Soo-ah to go back, is really heartwarming. The efforts they made makes me cry, it was really amusing. 

  • And last but certainly not the least is that in-spite being disbanded as Cheerleading group, Real King and Baek Ho managed to joined the cheer and dance competition and showed the audience what they truly are " I'm cheering for who I am today" and not for anyone or someone else.



This drama comes with mixed feelings and I like how this drama brings out the real issues of the society that the students face in day to day life. Soo-ah's and her mothers scenario is really happening. It exist! In real life!. Among our society! May it due to peer pressure or the parents itself, children end up taking their life or harming themselves because of pressure and lack of trust. Which leads me to conclusion that this drama gives me lessons on friendship, trust, loyalty, and teamwork.

Have you been watching Sassy Go Go / Cheer Up? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts and leave your comments below! Happy Drama Watching Everyone!!!

(PS. All picture grabbed from google credits to its owner)

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Korean Drama Review : Oh My Ghostess (Hangul: 오 나의 귀신님)

Yikes! I am so excited to write my personal review for this drama, the very first drama by far. Who doesn't??? This drama totally nailed my expectation. Although I picked this out randomly in Youtube, who could have thought that this drama is really good. Oh My Ghostess, is the new talk about romantic comedy from tvN, from July 3 to August 22, 2015 for 16 episodes. Starring Park Bo-young, Jo Jung-suk, Kim Seul-gie and Lim Ju-hwan. 

The story was full of mystery and suspense and love and emotions and overloads of cuteness! It's about this girl name Na Bong-sun (Park Bo-young) a fainthearted young girl, who has an ability to see ghost and interacts with them (thanks to her shaman grand mother). She was later possessed by the ghost named Shin Soon-ae (Kim Seul-gie). A ghost with a grudge of being a virgin and believes that by losing it, she will be able to "resolve her grudge " and move on to the afterlife. Soon-ae is determined to seduce as many men as she can by possessing various women, and she finds the perfect vessel in Bong-sun body.

Na Bong-sun works in the restaurant as an assistant. She doesn't have friends and not good with anything and most of the time being yelled at alot with her co-workers, especially her arrogant boss, famous chef Kang Sun-woo (Jo Jung-suk). Bong-sun has a secret crush on him, although he doesn't take much notice of her because he is has a secret feelings with his college friend Lee So-hyung (Park Jung-ah), who's a TV producer. But everything turn up side down when Bong-sun starts to act differently, shes now outspoken, confident, dynamic woman, shedding her mousy personality, and she finally catches Sun-woo's heart.

It's no surprise if viewers (like moi) has fallen head over heels in love for this drama. The drama played the supernatural element really well and it blended with everything else.

My personal favorite is seeing the female character making its first move, which is super cute and funny. Korean drama's often portray male characters as being forward and female characters as being timid, but totally not for this drama. This is so refreshing to see and can't help giggle and laugh. The romance played out so well! From start to finish this drama was perfectly constructed, with great consistency.


I loved the cast! Such talented actors, all of them! 

1. Park Bo Young was my favorite character. She did a mind blowing job, playing Na Bong-sun and the possessed Shin Soon Ae, from being a timid self to a slutty ghost. I must say I like her better when she is being possessed with Shin Soon Ae, her absurd attempts to seduce Sun Woo, is filled with funny moments that are sure to brighten your mood, very entertaining character. I wouldn't be surprise if she will won an award for this role. She played the role amazingly and definitely deserves an award. (Best Actress!!!)

2. Jo Jung Suk slayed my heart with his performance in My Love, My Bride film, and he's doing it again in his role, as Chef Sun Woo. He has an interesting blend of brusque and caring masters as well. He was sweet and adorable and had depth as a character. He and Park Park Bo yung has excellent chemistry which makes their role very entertaining. Gee, I really loved his character and wish to have a guy like him. (Wish!!!)

3. Kim Seul Gi character made me cry. I can somehow relate her story as a hardworking and loving child and sister to her brother. It's really heartbreaking to know she died at a very young age. Thanks to her, she made sure Sun Woo fall in love with Bong-sun. Another great Koran actress for me to look up to.

4. Im Joo Hwan - His is so super cute! Boy next door looking but unfortunately his face says other wise with his character. He plays the bad guy. A very interesting character.

5. The ahjumma's I loved this duo Seobinggo Dong (Lee Jung-eun) the shaman and Seon Woo's mother! This duo were inseparable and witty.

6. Kwak Si Yang another cutie you'll fall in love with. He plays as one of boys Sun Woo's restaurant. When Na Bong-sun was possessed by Shin Soon Ae for the first time. She flirted with Seo Joon. But rejected. Among the boys at the restaurant he is much closer to Bong-sun. One time was Sun Woo jealous because of him.

The rest of gang at Sun Woo's restaurant had its fair share of good acting. As well as Sun Woo's little sister, her story was heartbreaking! Loved her pure and innocent portrayal with her character. And there goes Soon Ae's father who also made me cry and breaks my heart. Suddenly missed my father whose now in heaven. And of course last but not the least Soon Ae's cute little brother who plays dumb and stupid. I'm glad his image was changed at the end part, from family black sheep to dependable son to his father. I miss these characters, and I am very happy with how the drama ended.

Spoiler Alert! Read at your own risk!!!

  • The mystery surrounding Soon-ae's death involves Sun-woo's brother-in-law Choi Sung-jae. She intentionally killed Soon Ae because she witness an accident involving him.
  • Choi Sung Jae is the man behinds Sun Woo's little sister hit and run. He was also possessed by an evil ghost. He later commit suicide but manage to stay alive with the real him but has an amnesia.
  • Lee So-hyung move on after being rejected with Sun Woo and later introduced a man who is exactly look a like with their friend.
  • Na Bong-sun won an award for cooking competition and left the country for two years. And come back as Bong-sun version 2.0.


Park Bo Young is a very successful film career in South Korea with hits like A Werewolf Boy. But.....Did you know that "THE KISS" in episode 4 was Park Bo Young's first onscreen kiss ever, and Jo Jung Suk definitely "guided" her well :)

Some of my Favorite Highlights:
  • Are the kisses scenes, they don't show awkwardness while kissing each other not like some actors and actresses.

  • And the cooking lessons...Geeh!!! (giggling big time!)


  • I thought Yong Pal is the best drama I have seen by far, for 2015. But it move to #2 slot, because Oh My Ghostess made it to #1 slot. 
  • Oh My Ghostess is the best of the best Korean Drama for 2015. The timeline and story was never lost. They had perfect momentum in each episodes. Yong Pal was good too but the ending was a little disappointing.

Have you been watching Oh My Ghostess? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts and leave your comments below! Happy Drama Watching Everyone!!!

(PS. All picture grabbed from google credits to its owner)

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