Tuesday, December 22, 2015

5 Things ruined my Christmas Spirit

It's that time of year again. Christmas has come and with the all the joys of it, almost everyone that I know of were very busy preparing their Christmas parties, shopping for gifts, holiday breaks, while others are finalizing plans to see their families over the festive period. Indeed Christmas is the most celebrated month of the year. But......this is the first year ever that I just can't get that Christmas feeling! 

Here are my five reason why I can't get that Christmas feeling.

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining with my job. I am thankful I have job that support me with my Christmas buying spree for my family, friends and god-children. It's just that this is the very first Christmas wherein we are very busy and rushing so many things before 2015 ends. It's suffocating! doing our best to meet all deadlines with a very short period of time with trial and error.

My friends are my biggest source of joys during Christmas season. We dine out and hangout, to spend time together and catch with each other. But it is not happening this time. Why? Because two of my best friend Kath and Sharon is now married and they will spent Christmas with their family. Of course! While Andrew is super busy like me. Wendy is in the province and Cherry my single bff is out of the country. It could have been fun if she's around.

Doing random things on the streets with my bestie Kath and Drew.

as what Pastor Rick Warren said; "Time is your most precious gift because you only have a set amount of it. You can make more money, but you can't make more time" - Very true indeed! With so many things to be done at work, we are required to come in for two more days to finish it all. My long planned vacation to go home (in our province) was cut off and decided to stay in Manila while waiting this holiday season pass by.
Reunion with my Highschool classmate. Christmas of 2014.

One of my major reason why I am so not in the Christmas spirit at all this year is because I am feeling tired and sick lately. Overwork? I don't know! All I know is that my CHEST is in PAIN for a couple of weeks already. And it took me four days before I had my shower because I was feverish last week. 

BELLA's-Working girls!!!! Indeed! Friends are the cutest lovable idiots in the world ha!ha!ha! 

I'm pretty sure everyone can relate on this one. Who isn't right??? Everyone does spend too much during this season, gift giving, bonuses, party's, etc. Everyone from my family expect something from me. A GIFT! CHRISTMAS GIFT! It has been our tradition for so long. And I don't have anything against with it. With or without a budget, I always made sure I have something to give to my family, friends and god-children. But this year, I am a little careful with my expenses because even if I have my 13 month bonus pay, still not enough! I am saving money for my personal goal for next year and rebuilding our house in the province. I know I have lots to be thankful and grateful for. Like I don’t have the stress of not being able to afford food, my bills or buying gifts. I’m lucky, I know that. But there is just something about this Christmas that feels so wrong for me and ordinary, like any other day of the year!

Travelling with my bff Cherry. 2014.

Have you gotten my point? Is anyone in the festive spirit? If you can relate, even on some level, I’d love for you to comment. It makes me not feel so alone. You know? I’d love to hear how you combat the holiday blues and stress? Any tips?

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