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Korean Drama Review : Heard It Through the Grapevine (풍문으로 들었소)

Heard It Through The Grapevine won the Best Drama award at the 51st Baeksang Arts Awards for 2015, winning over the other nominated dramas "Kill Me, Heal Me," "Misaeng," "Punch" and "Yoona's. Lead actress Go Ah Seung also won the Best New Actress Award for her role as Seo Bom. The youngest daughter of an ordinary family living in a poor neighborhood who is very smart and well spoken. Her school was the lucky public school who was invited to attend a prestigious English camp, where she meets and falls in love with Han In-sang (Lee Joon). The son and heir a prestigious and wealthy clan which for generations has produced many highly respected and successful lawyers who've influenced South Korea's politics and economy. After that "one night stand" they decided not to meet and contact each other. But Seo Bom got pregnant and tried to hide it from In-sang. The latter received some love letters from Seo Bom and realize that his falling in love with her and ask her Unnie Min Joo-young (Jang So-yeon) who works at his father law firm to find Seo Bom. He was very surprised to see Seo Bom with big belly (pregnant). Due to Seo Bom father anger when he saw In-sang he told him to take responsibility with her daughter. Without thinking what his parents would do, In-sang then answered that he will marry Seo Bom and the two went home to In-sang's house. The Han family turned upside down. 


Lee Joon - I super love his character as Han In-sang, the boyfriend. His love for Seo Bom is truly remarkable and I love how he fights her love for her. He totally melt my heart. And i'm pretty you cant help but wish to have a boyfriend like him. Right???

Go Ah-sung - Seo Bom character - smart, soft spoken and honest. She makes me laugh every time she spoke to In-sang's parents. She speak seriously yet i find it so funny. I also love how at the end, she choose her family over fame, and fortune. She would rather be poor than be someone she's not.

Han Family
In-sang's parents were so funny especially his dad. Although he is strict and perfectionist but he is also witty, which makes the drama more entertaining. I like that In-sang's sister Han Yi-ji (Park So-young) is in favor of In-sang's relationship with Seo Bom and she is close with her. Yi-ji makes Seo Bom feels at home and welcome her with open arms.

Ajusshi and Ajumma at Han Family
These people were great! In-sang and Yi-ji were blessed to have someone like them growing-up. Who is like there second parent- support and love them in anything they do. So it wasn't surprising at all when they all help out In-sang and Seo Bom love affair and conflicts with In-sangs parents. Teacher Park is truly remarkable among all of them.

Yoon Bok-in - Seo Bom mother. She reminded me of my own mother. If mother is still alive i'm sure she will be like Seo Bom mom, supportive, feel my pain and whatever happened she would stand still by my side and fights for me. There wasn't any moment with Seo Bom and her mom, that I'm not teary-eyed. It's amazing! how she believes and encourage Seo Bom to be herself and never ever forget, that she always have a choice. And that she doesn't have to be stuck with In-sangs family and be mistreated because of who is she. And do her best to please them just to feel accepted. Her mother is truly the best! A mom anyone could ever wish for.

Kim Kwon - OTTOHKE??? I'm sure this man made it to your favorites about this drama. Who isn't right??? His hot, gorgeous and uberly handsome. He is even good looking than the lead actor. Totally crushing this guy.


Jang Hyun-sung - Seo Bom's dad. I hate the fact that he does not understand how Seo Bom feel while living with the Han Family. His greedy for his desire of wanting Seo Bom to experience a good life even if the In-sang's parents weren't so good to Seo Bom.

Gong Seung-yeon - Seo Bom's older sister is no different from her dad. Because of her selfishness she had a one night stand to a chaebol whom she taught would make her life like Cinderella but unfortunately everything turns out wrong. She's lucky she find true love with Kim Kwon.

Yoo Jun-sang - In-sang's father. His a good person, but values the money and wealth even more than his own family. He is blinded with money and power which made him to this list. Plus he had a secret love affair with his wife best friend.

Most of the questions were answered, but some were left pointing towards a direction we can only imagine what could happen. I feel like my entire time watching it till the very end were wasted. But still, Heard It Through the Grapevine is one of a kind drama for those willing to see beyond the amorphous maze of generic drama entertainment.


Have you been watching Heard It Through the Grapevine? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts and leave your comments below! Happy Drama Watching Everyone!!!

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