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Korean Drama : The Village Achiara's Secret

The story revolves around the seemingly quite village of Achiara where crime is zero or supposed to be practically non-existent rather and everyone knows everyone and secrets aren’t really secrets, with few outsiders visit and even fewer seem to leave. Starring Moon Geun Young and Yook Sung Jae. When Korean-Canadian Han So Yoon (Moon Geun Young) is back to her birthplace Korea, after finding out the newspaper clipping that says both herself and her older sister died in a car accident in Korea. So Yoon soon discovers that her own deceased family has unimaginable ties to Achiara. Luckily she is hired as an English teacher in Achiara. On her first day at work, she accidentally found a corpse buried in the forest whom everyone in town suspects that, that woman is Kim Hye Jin (Jang Hee-Jin). The girl who disappeared with no trace from the village two years ago.

With the help of Police officer Park Woo Jae (BTOB’s Yook Sung Jae) and Seo Ki Hyun (On Joo-Wan), the son of a prominent businessman and politician in the village, So Yoon then begin to investigate her family whereabouts in seek of finding her sister, As they get closer on finding the truth, the ugliness of the village is revealed.

Spoiler Alert! Read at your own risk!!!

  • Kim Hye Jin (Jang Hee-Jin) is Han So Yoon (Moon Geun Young) long lost sister. They were separated right after their road accident when they were younger. After their parents died on the spot. So Yoon grandmother brought her in Canada, living behind Hye Jin. Because she is an adopted child. 
  • Kang Joo-Hee (Jang So-Yeon) is the town pharmacist. She is the one who sent So Yoon grandmother that newspaper clipping which later So Yoon found out after her grandmother's burial.
  • Ga-Young (Lee Yeol-Eum) is the high school girl who likes to bully Seo Yoo-Na (Ahn Seo-Hyun) Seo Ki Hyun half sister. Ga-Young is Kim Hye Jin half sister, they share the same dad from different mothers. 
  • Kang Pil-Sung (Choi Jae-Woong) the weirdo who disguise himself as girl at night. At first he was the prime suspect of Hye Jin death, but later revealed that his not....BUT....he is the MURDERER of our crimes happening in Achiara's neighboring town. He is a psychopath. But this guy help a lot in finding Hye Jin's death, thanks to his photography and videos.
  • Nam Gun-Woo (Park Eun-Seok) is the hottie teacher who is also Kang Joo-Hee's boyfriend. He is also Ga-Young first love. But later it was revealed that he is Ga Young and Hye Jin's older brother.
  • Yoon Ji-Sook (Shin Eun-Kyung) is Seo Ki Hyun step-mother and Seo Yoon Na's mother. And Kim Hye Jin's REAL MOTHER and MURDERER. Kim Hye Jin's was born out of wedlock. Ji Sook was raped when she was young the same rapist as Ga Young's mother. In her seek on having a good image to his boyfriends family. She asked her mother to send Hye Jin for adoption. Illegal adoption in-fact. When Hye Jin find out who her real family she asked them, especially her mother for help. Because she was very sick and needs Kidney transplant and the only people could help her is Yoon Ji Sook, her real mother. But Ji Sook is afraid that her mother-in-law will find out Hye Jin's identity, she push her away from her life again. Because of what happened, Hye Jin seek revenge in her mother through seducing her moms husband and having an affair with him. But she wasn't killed because of that incident but because of her trying to revealed to the whole town who is her father. The suspect of rape incident happened in Achiara. Her mother was so furious after finding it out and so is his father's wife. Together they killed Hye Jin and buried her body in the forest.


REVIEW: This drama is one of my favorite because of its suspense and suspicion you can’t help but feel towards each characters. I really feel bad for Hye Jin, especially that part wherein she is begging for help to be save, but her mother turn her back away from her. It was so heart breaking, because she wanted to live for So Yoon. And that part also wherein So Yoon was telling Ji Sook that Hye Jin is someone else's precious daughter and sister. That was like a bomb!I was crying a ton!

If you are looking for humorous or a rom-com to sweep your heart away then, The Village Achiara's Secret isn’t for you. Although there are a little hints for love between characters but don't expect to much further in that department because it isn't happening. Because this drama is all about, mystery, suspense and family.

Conclusion: I would recommend this drama to anyone who enjoys thrillers and mysteries that discuss themes like justice and family relations. The Village: Achiara’s Secret has its fair share of lapses but its manageable to watch, with some lesson learned.

Have you been watching The Village : Achiara's Secret? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts and leave your comments below! Happy Drama Watching Everyone!!!

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