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Korean Drama : Moorim School (Hangul: 무림학교)

Moorim School is my most anticipated Korean drama for this year because of Lee Hyun Woo. I usually buy DVD of Kdrama but not for Moorim School, because I found myself digging up the net so I could watch it. Thankfully there are good sites asides from Youtube that are very reliable, in-fairness they have good English subtitles. I will be sharing the links below.

Moorim School is a 2016 drama starring Lee Hyun-woo. The story is about the school and the mystery associated with it. Moorim School is not your ordinary high school drama, because they not only teach martial arts but also teach good camaraderie, honesty, faith and sacrifice towards peers and teachers. Moorim School offers an action-packed moves with a little of science-fiction element. The teachers and students at Moorim come from different countries and each have their own stories. Making this drama more interesting and, most importantly, intriguing to watch.

The school is set in the midst of the forest, protected with some sort of spells which makes it unseen to outsider. Hwang Moo-song (played by Shin Hyun-Joon) is the school dean, he possess magic that create a seal to keep the school invisible making it impossible for any outsider to trespass. But it all change when Chi Ang (played by Lee Hongbin of Kpop group VIXX's) and Yoon Shi-woo (played by Lee Hyun Woo) unknowingly break the seal for the first time in the school's history.


I loved the cast! All of them! 

  • Yoon Shi Woo (played by Lee Hyun Woo) is a top hallyu star, he is the leader of the South Korean idol group called "Mobius". His popularity and fame made him become arrogant and prickly towards other people. He have a hearing problem, and no doctors can cure him. One of his fan, told him to go to Moorim School, because someone from the school can heal him. He went there in hopes that, he will be cured. But later did he know Moorim itself can not only healed him, but somehow related to his past and he possess supernatural ability. 
  • Wang Chi Ang (played by Lee Hong Bin) is another chaebol character in k-drama. His a rebellious son, who has been kicked out for more than 20 times in different school and country. This father Wang Hao (played by Lee Beom Soo) is a multi billionaire CEO who owns Sang Hae Group, China's largest enterprise. Aside from his assets in China he also have some business affiliates in South Korea. Chi Ang's father force him to study in Moorim, because of his ulterior motives, on getting the "Chintamani", it is believes that the person who holds its possession will attain great and formidable power that can control the world.
  • Shim Soon-duk (played by Seo Ye Ji) is Shi Woo and Chi Ang love interest. She goes to Morrim secretly because his father Shim Bong-san (played by Lee Moon Sik) is against it. Because his father was involved in an accident related to "Chintamani" in the past that made him blind.
  • Hwang Sun-ah (played by Jung Yoo Jin, aka Eugene) is the "ace" of Moorim School, she excelled in everything she does in Moorim. She's a huge Shi Woo fan, while attending the Mobuis concert, she seems to know that Shi Woo is having hearing problem, she rushes towards the stage when the light is about to fall and rescue Shi Woo and told him to go to Moorim because the Dean, her dad can heal him. Sun Ah is Soon Duk "roomies" and best friend.

Spoiler Alert! Read at your own risk!!!

  • Hwang Moo-song (played by Shin Hyun-Joon) was being accused as Juk Poong the man who is after the Chintamani. He was also known for betraying his best friend Chae Yoon (played by Shin Sung-woo). But actually, he is the good guy. like Chae Yoon he was around to protect the Chintamani and his best friend, but it was too late for him to save him and his family so he end up saving his best friend daughter and that is Hwang Sun-ah (played by Jung Yoo Jin, aka Eugene).
  • Chae Yoon (played by Shin Sung-woo) was "ALIVE", he survive the fire that kill his wife. He was in coma for 18 years. Chi Ang's father, keep him for that long because Chae Yoon was the guardian of Chintamani.
  • Hwang Sun-ah (played by Jung Yoo Jin, aka Eugene) and Yoon Shi Woo (played by Lee Hyun Woo) are siblings, and their father is Chae Yoon.
  • Shim Soon-duk (played by Seo Ye Ji) father, is the one that save Shi Woo in the fire.
  • Soon-duk and Shi Woo end up together with wedding bells.
  • Chi Ang and Sun-ah are now exclusively dating. He and Shi Woo eventually put a predictable end with "Chintamani.

The series is very entertaining and I love how everyone in the drama had a happy ending. They may have low ratings on TV yet one of the most amazing kdramas in 2016 i have watch so far. And yes, I would gladly recommend this to my family and friends. 

As PROMISE, here's the linked wherein you can watch Moorim School with good English Subtitle.


MY RATINGS : 10/10

Have you been watching Moorim School? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts and leave your comments below! Happy Drama Watching Everyone!!!

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