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Korean Drama : Oh My Venus (Hangul: 오 마이 비너스)

Oh My Venus tells the story of lawyer named Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) who was an ulzzang in her teens, famous for her pretty face and enviable figure, but she ended up gaining some weight over the course of her life. Her boyfriend of 15 years, Im Woo Sik (Jung Gyu Woon), then dumps her for a former friend from their past, named Oh Soo Jin (Yoo In Young). Joo Eun eventually meets a star personal trainer, Kim Young Ho/John Kim (So Ji Sub), while on board from the U.S. back to Korea flight luckily John Kim is a medical personnel on the flight who takes charge on rescuing Joo Eun. Even after thier incident of on board Young Ho continues to watch out for her even after they arrive home. Young Ho's friend Kim Ji Woong (Henry) and Jang Joon Sung (Sung Hoon) agrees to help her get her back into healthier shape.

Oh My Venus was certainly a pleasant to watch. The first half of the drama was well executed, but nothing revolutionary. I enjoyed the main couple with Joo Eun being a strong and confident woman despite what the world may tell her, and Young Ho being a straight-forward and no nonsense kind of guy when it came to their relationship. 

Shin Min Ah is amazingly beautiful. I love her, and she didn’t disappoint me, on this one. She has such a talent at evoking emotion. And she is just about the cutest thing ever doing comedy, especially those times she shows her aegyo. Even wearing her ‘fat’ suit, she still looked adorable cute.

So Ji Sub is a versatile actor, it showed in the drama . I watched all of his drama and his really good. In So Ji Sub is a talented actor.

Henry character as Ji Woong was simply adorable and hilarious. His frequent use of interchangeable English and Korean was humorous. And he was so cute always calling Joo Eun ma’am. It was my first time seeing him act in an drama and his good. He give justice in his role and I hope to see him more act in drama or films.

Sung Hoon character is a little sentimental story line of his own involving his quest to reunite with his mother which adds more intense story in this drama. 

Woo Sik and Soo Jin were interesting second leads in that they were never presented in a solely negative light. They were presented as real people. Woo Sik sort of grows apart from Joo Eun and moves on with Soo Jin. And Soo Jin then realize how important her friendship and relationship with Joo Eun.

If your looking for more intense, suspense and conflict that runs in a drama, then Oh My Venus isn't for you. Because this drama has no no bigger conflict running in the background to propel the story forward or an antagonist to keep things interesting. It was mostly about one woman’s journey through health and love. My kind of drama to watch, I was giggling and laughing the whole time watching this. Even if this drama lacks something, the actors still succeed in portraying their character very well, which is what made the drama a good watch. They did their best to give us some fan service by giving us a lot of cute moments and aegyo.

Overall, Oh My Venus was enjoyable and I would recommend this drama to my friends and follower to watch out for.

MY RATINGS : 10/10

PS : Their OST is ♥♥♥
1.) Darling U

2.) Beautiful Lady- Jonghyun (Shinee) ♥♥♥

Have you been watching Oh My Venus? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts and leave your comments below! Happy Drama Watching Everyone!!!

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