Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Korean Drama : Orange Marmalade (Hangul: 오렌지 마말레이드)

Completing my list of K-drama vampire story is Orange Marmalade. What make this drama different from Scholar Who Walks the Night and The Blood is that, this fantasy drama set in a world where vampires now coexist with human beings. But they must keep their identities secret since they are still feared by humans. Baek Ma Ri (Seol Hyun) is a teenage vampire who transfers to a new school and draws the attention of a popular human, Jung Jae Min (Yeo Jin Goo), who just happens to hate vampires. Because his mother Kang Min-ha (Lee Il-hwa) is married to Han Yoon-jae (Song Jong-ho), a vampire and his school teacher.

I love this drama, very entertaining. Maybe because the setting was in high school wherein innocent, romance and bullying are in this concept. I love this even more when I saw Lee Jong-hyun. He played the role of Han Shi Hoo, Ma Ri's old friend who happened to be a vampire as well. Shi Hoo moved to Ma Ri's school and become a bit troublemaker and doesn’t hesitate to get in between Ma Ri and Jae Min's issues. I’m a huge fan of CNBlue and seeing Jong-hyun in this drama is so amazing and I am thrilled to see him in his first starring role. Shi Hoo's character with adds more color and fun in Ma Ri and Jae Min's relationship, as their love continues to blossom.


Everything puts to an end when Jae Min found out that Ma Ri is a vampire. While Shi Woo was being sent to the Vampire Control authorities, because he use his vampire abilities to save Jae Min. Vampires on this drama are not allowed to use any powers towards human being. The moment they used it they will go on trials with Vampire Control authorities. Jae Min was devastated after finding out Ma Ri's identity. In seek of an answer he confronted Ma Ri, and caught himself in an accident, forcing Ma Ri to use her powers to save him.

When Jae Min woke up he had amnesia and suddenly, everything changes. The story transitions from the present to the past, it feels like a flashback of the main character past lives. I was kinda confused at first but manage to catch up with where the story is leading its viewer.

How Jae Min and Ma Ri fall in love for the first time was seen in the past and Jae Min and Shi Hoo's brotherly relationship. It’s hard to say which period I liked better, because both are pretty good. I was a little sad when the story was back in present time. But happy to find out that Shi Hoo is still alive. And Jae Min’s memory loss allows Ma Ri to be honest with him about who she is from the start. She is now open about her identity as a Vampire. Although she had struggle to fitting in the society, but her Orange Marmalade band mate support her. And together they inspire others through their music and to show the world that it is really possible to coexist.

Here is another drama that I would love to recommend to any Kdramalovers out there. Orange Marmalade is a great drama. A little bit cheesy at times, but manageable to watch. They have good actors too, considering some of them are rookies. This is the kind of drama, worth watching for youngsters and young's at heart. So there you have it guy's. Watch it and be amaze :)

MY RATINGS : 10/10

Have you been watching Orange Marmalade? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts and leave your comments below! Happy Drama Watching Everyone!!!

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