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Regina Rica a Pilgrimage Site in Tanay Rizal, Philippines

Last weekend my cousin invite us to go to Regina Rica, a pilgrimage site located in Tanay Rizal. A 2 hours away from where we lived. I'm not sure how long does it takes here if your commuting. But I'll be sharing below, how you can get here.

with my family. ♥
We left home as early as 8am, and arrive in Regina Rica at around 10am. There were so many people flocked towards the area, because it was on Sunday. The place also offer masses for the public, Sunday 11:00am first service and 3:30pm second service. And on Saturday 11:00am and 4:00pm service. But before we starts our pilgrimage, we were told to head straight to the conference area, where they would have a short orientation for its visitor/guest. Along the way you will see this sign, to make sure you are guided and would not loss around the vicinity.

The orientation area.

After a minute the speaker show up and share a little information about Regina Rica. This was founded by the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosary way back in 1998. The Regina Rosary Contemplative Association grew over the years and in 2009 they established the Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia (Regina RICA) in Tanay, Rizal which quickly became a popular pilgrimage site in the Philippines.

The speaker would also remind the visitors that Regina Rica, is not a park, picnic ground or your playground. It's a sacred place, that requires you to be on your best behavior when you are inside the place. People visiting this people should observe silence and respect for the sanctity and cleanliness of the area. Regina Rica is a place for Prayer, Pilgrimage, Peace and Patient. Because coming here you need to be patient. Learn to wait for your turn especially going to Sulod and Candle House.

There is also a dress code, strapless or spaghetti straps, shorts, sando and too revealing outfits are not allowed. But don’t worry, if by accident you are unaware about this rule, because they would let you borrow a cover-up, just make sure you wore them the whole time inside. Or you can buy some long skirts and shawls, in the store inside. They have this rule to make sure the place is being respected and wearing inappropriate clothing, says otherwise. Regina Rica is not your "Playground", its a sacred ground that needs to be respected.

Regina RICA is an up and down the hill kind of place. The centerpiece is an iconic 71-foot statue of the Our Lady on Top of the Hill. So make sure you are ready to sweat.

But if you have someone with you, who are having hard time to walk, worry no more, because Regina Rica also offer a shuttle of PWD (person with disability) for a Php 5.00 donation. They also have wheelchair you can borrow for free.

Along the trail you will see different kinds of beautiful flowers. Here's my favorite of them all.

and this little patotie, who survived the trail, without asking her mom to carry her.

When we reach the top a long line greeted us, everyone is waiting in line to enter the SULOD. It wasn't on my plan, but my sister insisted me to go in and see whats inside, from outside we can hear someone talking and giving another orientation to the ones inside. Regina RICA’s is also known for sanctuary of love and devotion.

After the orientation, we head upstairs, unfortunately we didn't see anything amazing because it was currently under construction. But you get to see the beautiful view. My cousin stayed a longer time, while me and siblings decided to head down. Because my nieces and nephew were starving already. On our way down we see these beautiful views and some animals roaming around the area.

1.) Regina RICA Chapel

Outside the chapel you will see this wishing well.

2.) The parking area from afar.

3.) San Jose Rotonda

from a far.

up close.

4.) Mary's Sacred Trail

5.) The Sheep! 

6.) 14 Station of Crosses

7.) The Horse!

8.) Hanging Bridge

9.) Kakahuyan!

10.) Koi Pond

Keep in mind, that you can take pictures anywhere inside the whole vicinity, make sure you keep SILENT and RESPECT other people who are meditating and other pilgrim's.


Cubao-Tanay Route
  • From Aurora boulevard, Gateway. There are many Jeepney or UV Express Van that bound for Cogeo Market, that you can get in.
  • Go down to Cogeo Town Plaza then go to City Mall of Antipolo Market to get a ride bound for Sampaloc, Tanay Rizal.
  • When you reach Sampaloc, Tanay Market. Get a tricycle ride going to Regina Rica, in Sitio Aguho Street.

If your coming from Edsa. You can also get this route from Star Mall at Edsa corner Shaw Boulevard. Get a van or jeep going to Tanay. This will bring you to Tanay town proper. Just tell the driver to direct you to Tanay Sampaloc jeepney terminal. From Sampaloc terminal you can get a tricycle that would take you to Regina Rica.

Unfortunately, I cannot give any fare amount if how much it would cost commuting going to Regina Rica, because I don't know.  But rest assured that if would not cost that much. Probably around Php300.00 pesos or less. As for the food, you have an option of bringing your own food, with designated areas or cottages. But, if you are lazy to bring, worry no more. Because the place has restaurant for your to eat.

Mambugan-Masinag-Cogeo-Paenaan-Sampaloc Tanay-Regina Rica.

Regina Rica open from 8 am to 5:30 pm. CLOSED every TUESDAYS.


Bring home your trash! Bsura mo iiuwi mo.

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