"Upinde Cordero" is a personal blog of Tine Cordero. She is a gentle nature lover, always up for an adventure, a seeker of beauty (loves to appreciate everything in life), not-perfect, beach-bum at heart, wanderer, fashionista, an amateur photographer/blogger, dreamer, and a huge fan of hallyu wave. And because of that she was inspired to study the language and culture of Korea. She can read and write hangul (Korean Alphabet) and can speak and understand basic Korean.

The name Upinde is Tine's adopted name as she often tell her friends and family. It is originated from the Swahili language of African Great Lakes region and other parts of Southeast Africa which means "Rainbow" one of nature's most beautiful phenomena. Seeing these fascinating colors of the rainbow, help Tine forgot her tensions and worries in life. Rainbow’s would always made her day; and realized that the best thing about rainbows is that you see one when you are least expecting it. Whenever it rains and the sun shines, Tine hope to see this beautiful band of colors in the sky, and the sight of one never fails to cheer her up. She personally, believe that rainbows are a symbol of "HOPE" and "LOVE", and the meaning associated with each color adds more significance to this colorful band.

This blog is made to share her experience, about anything and everything about her personal journey in life with adventure, story to tell and lesson learned. She reflect on her own experience good or bad and try to pull some lessons from them. 

She's not a keen writer but she hope that you'll get inspired by her entries and stories. Tine's ultimate wish is to travel around the world and see the most beautiful places on earth.

You can follow her in Facebook at Upinde Cordero and on Instagram and Twitter at @iam10cordero.

(PS: All photos are taken by Tine unless otherwise stated. :)

"Her life is indeed a blessing, She is loved beyond words and missed beyond measure":)

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